RMS Can't Connect

bambie posted 13th of July 2008 in Community Voice. 6 comments.

Yet again i have come back to boonex and yet again my site can't connect to the RMS server. I have e-mailed support like they say to do and yet again no reply. I wonder why??? Do they know the reason why my site as well as meany can't connect or is it the fact they can't be botherd with answering?

What do you think?

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bambie, this is a result of the "free" rms.boonex.com", and unfortunately, that is just the nature of the beast when you use something free.

rms hosting is affordable, that will put a stop to your issues and you wont ever have to come in here and post again about rms not working. you may have to post it to where you are getting your streaming hosting from, but you wont have to complain about not connecting to the free one that boonex offers.

The free RMS server is causing this issue. Run a RMS for your site.
praveenkv1988 i know whats causing the error my point was its ment to be be free well its not if you have to buy a host to do it thats the point
Ah cmon, dont make it so comlicate.
If some one gives you a pencil as a gift, would you say its not free gift cause you have to buy paper to write on it? ;)
I found tonight that it works if you uncheck the "Use RMS" checkbox. I know that seems a little backwards but it worked for me. Good luck!
wow that does work.... ???? thanks wbreau! you saved my website. AND by the way, the chat works, so im not sure if the rest works yet
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