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clubbeyourself posted 24th of July 2008 in Community Voice. 6 comments.


I have created a page in page builder which I would like to use for news feeds from around the world.  I have got the feed addresses coutesy of google news.  I can subscribe to these feeds using every other feed reader I have but not dolphin RSS feed, which I obviously need.


The rss feed address looks like this:


I can not get it to work on dolphin site, all I get is the loading fan picture


Help please.



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Work great for me...used Samples RSS Feed on Homepage.
Andrey Was it the RSS feed address that i posted in the bog that you used to test. Because I still can not get it to work.
Ocassionaly the rss feed is being updated or has some problems. And you will get the fan when this happens. Also depending on browser type and all that good stuff, but sometimes after adding the feed rather than refreshing the page, I actually have to close my browser/browsers completely out. Then go back to my site to check and sure enough it is actually working.
I ahve the same problem i am trying to add the rss feed through the builder, and all i get is the fan
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