RSS - Is this possible? (new to RSS)

LHAdmin posted 17th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 1 comment.
Folks --

I understand how to make the RSS feed work by entering the feed location of any existing feed.  My question is, can I create my own custom feed where I am pulling select RSS posts from a variety of sources?  Then I point the Dolphin RSS block to my custom compiled set of posts/articles.

I did some research and was a bit confused by the RSS tools out there.  So I would greatly appreciate any pointers.

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yes, you can absolutely do that. you can take any data format it for xml and serve it as rss. there are many tools online that are FREE. just have to read and pay attention. for some reason RSS cooktop or something to that affect comes to mind. there are also online sites where you can convert your static html or dynamic fed content to xml and serve it as rss.

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