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Bramin posted 15th of February 2008 in Community Voice. 10 comments.
I had my site installed on a shared server by someone who must have had root access or at least shell to enable him to install Ray Media Server. I have had a friend trying to teach me the ins and outs of instillation, FTP and quite a few other things. And in the process we deleted the entire site to do a fresh instillation of everything. Now I have learned that I need at least shell access to upload and install Ray Media Server or it can not be done at all.

I do not understand the technical problems involved in why one aspect of Dolphin could be uploaded with an FTP program as simple as FileZilla** but another aspect of it can not be. Would it be possible for this version to be altered in such a way that it could be done now or in future versions to allow Ray to be installed with out the need for root or shell access? Or are there real difficult technical reasons why this is not already available to us to install it that way?

We did have a lot of redundant and trivial work such as changing settings repeatedly during the instillation of Dolphin itself which made it tedious and a bit time consuming that my friend said we probably would not have had those difficulties if we had shell or root access...is that one of the reasons why Ray can not be installed with out shell due to the fact that it would simply be too complicated...or are there more reasons as well? Or could it be at some future time capable of being installed with out higher access on the server?

**   (which IS a free program and extremely easy to use and simple enough if you already know much about FTP or have someone to explain it to you but there is virtually no documentation on this program if you do not understand the ins and outs of FTP but there is a forum for its use)

Recently the Surrealist Anarcho/Punkish/Socialist wing of the Dolphin Society and Family went into trace and collectively saw a future in which ALL mods and widgets that work with any Dolphin program will be given away free of charge, in fact some people will be paid to take them off our hands so as to make room for newer and freer ones...ONCE THE PLANET HAS BEEN DISARMED!
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I am forever telling people myself how ashamed I am of all the misspelled words...there are in the dictionary but in this case I agree with you totally, and this was an exception to that rule. However I do hope you will forgive me for the most tragic error for I only misspelled installation because my mind was on a much higher thought...I was thinking of DISTILLATION!

Bramin ;-)


Some installations reguire only FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to upload the files ,and they are able to work off the "user" based permissions.

Unix systems use processes and ID's , with users having different access to different parts of the machine.

Keeping this simple, when doing a installation of a program that requires access to system level functions and or calls, it would require specific access and user rights to do such.

You can FTP the RMS package to the server, see more but will need shell access to run the commands and do the installation.

In General, Installing files via SSH (shell access) is much prefered and much quicker, but it requires more knowledge of the system and opens the ability for you to really hose your system if you dont know what you are doing.

Unix is not PLUG and PLAY. One wrong command and you need to make a physical visit to the machine to bring it back to life.

Tanks, Cyber...

I kind of understood that...which is still a hell of a lot better than what I was doing about 6 months ago...and I thought the explanation would be something along the lines of what you just said.

Get bent!
Bramin ;-)
Where can I find someone to install the product on my server. I've installed it and followed instructions to a T. Getting errors and just want someone to do it - Where can I go>>

I would recommend highly...

BoonEx Expert
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"Boonex" <quotes@boonex.com>

I'm assuming you have your DNS settings already pointing towards your server but for those who want to have an installation performed for them the first thing you have to do is have your DNS settings pointing towards your server.Otherwise your installer will NOT be able to perform the installation.

Who ever your host see more provider is will give you your DNS numbers which either you will change yourself with who ever is your domain registrar(this is preferable because you can change them yourself immediately) or your registrar will change them for you(which can take longer).

But either way it may take up to 48 hours(but generally much less) for the DNS settings to actually change, if they needed to be changed at all, so that your domain will be pointing towards your server the way it should be for the instillation to be accomplished and allowing your installer access to your server which, last I knew, will require ROOT ACCESS if you have Artur of Boonex perform it.

As that is one of the stipulations that the Expertz do have if you want them to perform an installation...though maybe that has changed.

Though others, as Cyber stated above, might perform instillations with just shell access.

Good luck, AMariotti!
Bramin ;-)


can i install rms on my shared hosting sever

Terribly sorry for getting back to you after over 3 months have passed but if you didn't get an answer to this I'll hazard a guess. IF it is what is called a "VIRTUAL dedicated" server(which can still be shared) you would probably have a good chance of installing RMS on it but if it is only a shared hosting sever...just use Boonex's server to run RMS off of.

If you are a contributor, which comes with a lot of other benefits besides, you can do that for free with any one see more domain that you choose. On the other hand, it seems as though I just saw something that Hostforweb is now offering shared servers which they can install RMS on...or something like that. Check them out to be sure.

And good luck,
Bramin ;-)
it could be installed without root acces, using php execute scripts :D
how can i find Arthur BoonEx expert?
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