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Rabble rouser, bullshit artist, poet laurete, underdog in the fight, realist, pessimist, over drawn at the bank, live life on the edge, hate me now it will be too late to love me when I'm gone, spaceophobic(afraid to leave the earth ONLY because someone else will come along and fuck it up worse), abortophobic(take a guess, gals!). Never rest on Laurel's, Hardy never did, nor did The Three Stooges for that matter. "Whose on first?" And if revolution is the answer, "What?", was the question...IF Judas and Leonard are both right...and it is never going to happen. I am your worst nightmare and greatest dream. With only dead and vacant eyes for a weapon I'll spit in the face of the antichrist...and G-d Almighty for that matter. Fuck em both! Nothing worse than a divine asskisser or cocksucker doing it out of fear...rather than love. Oh, one other thing that going on like almost 3 yo now! So sue me already...time flys...and I'm just getting uglier and I'm not going under the knife to kid myself...that would even put a TIME moving on! After all if it is one thing I know...the beauty I once owned is I can hope at least my lust is still wish...I was younger...for someone. Ohhh and besides all that horseshit...I am NOT an Expertz...I am a member of the ski team and space cadets along with being captain of the girl's varsity cheer leading squad here. ;-)

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