Last chance "newbies"! Major links to help you set up your new Dolphin Community.

Bramin posted 6th of July 2008 in Community Voice. 15 comments.

Dolphin Current Major Software/Program Downloads
...a place where I'm sure you have already found which has the latest downloads for Dolphin, Ray and Orca

Or if you are a CONTRIBUTOR*:
The AdFree Version of Dolphin, Ray and Orca

The long awaited and highly anticipated code for...
How to Install Dolphin in 38 Seconds or Less
that is just about ready for release and that you can see the prototype of it HERE.

And also by the same Programming Poet, Artist and Code Troubadour and a MUST see...
James Tadeo's Tutorials for Dolphin Sites

A page with some good beginners questions and answers about Dolphin software and near as I can tell a third party who is selling Dolphin script for a membership of $30 a month. Couldn't quite figure it out. Read their FAQ and I think you will see what I meant.

Even if you get the code above you are going to still want this following program. It is one of the best FTP(File Transfer Protocol Programs) available. It is also FREE! And if you intend to install your site(which you should learn how to do) you could not ask for an easier or better FTP program to use for both the instillation of the major components and the mods that you will want to add later on.
Filezilla Download

This is an article in Wikipedia which will explain to you how to configure Filezilla so that you are communicating with the server you will be using. It is a technical in parts but in the end it will be more than worth it to you to understand how to use FTP so you can upload all the mods that are available free of charge yourself rather than needing to hire an installer for each mod.
Filezilla Configuration

Once you have Filezilla configured properly you are going to be absolutely amazed at how easy it is going to be to actually upload the Dolphin programs and mods to your site. And ALWAYS remember to back up everything before you upload anything new to be sure it works with your site.
How to Use Filezilla

The following are the instructions for installing the major Dolphin software to your server which has been written by the Expertezz at Boonex.
Dolphin Instillation to Server

The latest patch and instructions for installing it.
Latest Patch and Upgrade Instructions for Dolphin 6.1.1 to 6.1.2

Where to find hundreds upon hundreds of modifications to fine tune your site even more. And I stopped counting how many of them are free after I got to over a HUNDRED!
Expertezzz ALL Modifications Dolphin, Orca and Ray

As the link says here this is for the latest extensions you will find to add to your site and which can be found on UNITY.
Latest Extensions to Ad to Your Site

Where to go to get help in real time from the Dolphin community 24/7 365 days a year. Join it now while it is still FREE because it wont be for long.
Help Me 24H

And while you are waiting for some answers to come back from the questions you asked don't forget to use one of the quickest ways to find an answer to a lot of the technical problems you may have and that will at least let you get a feel for the jargon. The search engine.

If you are interested in the coming new Community Software that has been heralded as the antidote to war, pestilence, hatred, superstition and most of all...HATRED and is naturally called SHARK...because a shark never stops swimming. And if you don't like that explanation as to why that fish was chosen for the new Boonex do the existential computations as to why that was the name picked for it. But if you want to see how it will work and it's programming code in action join the following fully functioning online site that uses it and is called...

There were a few other links I had for all of you but these are all I have for tonight and as I find the others I also wanted to post I will upload them just as soon as I find them again.

I of course would have liked to dedicate this little blog entry to more than a few people who have helped and befriended me along the way but there are so many of you I wouldn't know where to begin. So I'm going to just dedicate it to you "newbees in the hopes that despite all the craziness and the bugs and the frustrations and a whole lot more a lot of us have lived will find your time here a little less chaotic than us "old timers" and that your site becomes everything you ever dreamed it could be...and more!


I am a contributor* but there seems to be some problem with it showing up on my account. And just as an aside I remember the days when I couldn't afford the money to be a contributor for a year and so I had to take out a contributor membership for the shortest period of time they had the contributor status avaialable for. And the cost of it then...was $40 a month. And the cost for Ray Media Server I seem to remember was in excess of a couple of hundred dollars. But as far as this place goes...I DON"T want my money back!

Be well. And stay safe! ;-)


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I'm sorry. None of the links are really helpful. Where are the Docs? How do i create a cusomized Theme?

Setup Dolphin in 38 seconds is a Joke! You need more time only for unzip and change File permissions.
it sets the permissions for you, so before you go giving neg rep, at least know what your talking about
that just showed that you are an inexperienced user my friend. first of all there is no need to unzip, you can extract on the server, and that is a flash, and you can chmod via of shell or a CLI ftp client. so to put this down and not really have any experience is just out of place. if you dont believe it can be done, then stand in line so you can be one of the first to test it.

personally i havent timed my installs to the nth second, but i can get any install dbase included in less see more than one minute.

dbase created,
zip file uploaded to server
files extracted
files chmod'd
install script ran through

badah bing, its in in 60 seconds

so i might be just a tick slower than james, but i am goin to see what he has to offer when its released.

Hey, 90% of the links are crap!
Why mod. me don't but dont take the time to check the links? I'm sorry, i just tried to be honest and save the time for peoples really seeking help!

I am a newbie with Dolphin but over 10 years programmer? What are u talking? You have to unzip and change the file permissions, it doesnt matter if u do it on the Server or your local Machine!? Sure you save a few seconds if u unzip on the Server (btw, most dont have shell access!) But only chmod and unzip see more is MORE then 38 seconds! Prove me anything else.

I know what i'm talking, do you know?

1.) Oh, aren't we already on this site? ;-)

2.) 404 - Not found

3.) 404 - Not found

4.) Filezilla is a great program, but it has no relation with Dolphin

5.) He just promote his own Site, huh?

6.) Do u really believe peoples dont find If u like to provide a Google link tell us good search query's
Some of those links are decent but the "Help Me 24H" was crap.
contact LyubovL about your contributor stars, i had that issue too and she fixed it for me
Thanks, Sammie, LyubovL already had fixed it for me and left me a letter about it and which I owe her a big thank you note for taking care of it with out me even getting a chance to formally contact her.
hey bramin,
excellent work on providing the links. you worked very hard on the compiliation of that list. i would add some as well, but seems there are some people who just dont appreciate ones efforts. i may compile a list of links one day, such as putty, you tagged filezilla, sql course teaches how to get around in mysql, mysql administrator, remote dbase administration, notepad ++, excellent file editor, irfanview image editor, camstudio, this setups screenshot videos from your machine, there see more are many utilities that we have all found around the vastness of the internet that i think someday i am going to start to compile a list of things are are kewl, and things that are just snazzy, and get them posted on one of my sites.

at any rate, bramin, thank you for your post.


I am more than convinced that there would be a great number of us who would like to know of ANY links you recommend. Thanks Dawg!

Thanks for sharing those links. I am sure many will find them useful.
Kudos Bramin!! Some good links. I've been using Filezilla forever. Time and time again I go back to it.
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