I'm sorry. None of the links are really helpful. Where are the Docs? How do i create a cusomized Theme?

Setup Dolphin in 38 seconds is a Joke! You need more time only for unzip and change File permissions.
it sets the permissions for you, so before you go giving neg rep, at least know what your talking about
that just showed that you are an inexperienced user my friend. first of all there is no need to unzip, you can extract on the server, and that is a flash, and you can chmod via of shell or a CLI ftp client. so to put this down and not really have any experience is just out of place. if you dont believe it can be done, then stand in line so you can be one of the first to test it.

personally i havent timed my installs to the nth second, but i can get any install dbase included in less see more than one minute.

dbase created,
zip file uploaded to server
files extracted
files chmod'd
install script ran through

badah bing, its in in 60 seconds

so i might be just a tick slower than james, but i am goin to see what he has to offer when its released.

Hey, 90% of the links are crap!
Why mod. me don't but dont take the time to check the links? I'm sorry, i just tried to be honest and save the time for peoples really seeking help!

I am a newbie with Dolphin but over 10 years programmer? What are u talking? You have to unzip and change the file permissions, it doesnt matter if u do it on the Server or your local Machine!? Sure you save a few seconds if u unzip on the Server (btw, most dont have shell access!) But only chmod and unzip see more is MORE then 38 seconds! Prove me anything else.

I know what i'm talking, do you know?

1.) Oh, aren't we already on this site? ;-)

2.) 404 - Not found

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4.) Filezilla is a great program, but it has no relation with Dolphin

5.) He just promote his own Site, huh?

6.) Do u really believe peoples dont find If u like to provide a Google link tell us good search query's
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