hey bramin,
excellent work on providing the links. you worked very hard on the compiliation of that list. i would add some as well, but seems there are some people who just dont appreciate ones efforts. i may compile a list of links one day, such as putty, you tagged filezilla, sql course teaches how to get around in mysql, mysql administrator, remote dbase administration, notepad ++, excellent file editor, irfanview image editor, camstudio, this setups screenshot videos from your machine, there see more are many utilities that we have all found around the vastness of the internet that i think someday i am going to start to compile a list of things are are kewl, and things that are just snazzy, and get them posted on one of my sites.

at any rate, bramin, thank you for your post.


I am more than convinced that there would be a great number of us who would like to know of ANY links you recommend. Thanks Dawg!
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