SEO for Beginners Continued

JasonVan posted 6th of September 2010 in Community Voice. 12 comments.

If you haven't already read my previous SEO for Beginners blogs, you may want to read these first.



SEO for Beginners (Part I) explained the importance of keyword research (or keyword discovery).  Selecting the right keywords you will optimize your site for is an absolutely critical first step.


SEO for Beginners Continued (Part II) described how to successfully integrate these keywords throughout your site in a way that would appease the search engines (especially Google), without frustrating your viewers.


So now that you've carefully selected your keywords and strategically sprinkled them throughout your site, it's time to move on to the most important step in SEO: Link Building.


Yes, I'm sure there are a lot of readers who consider themselves SEO experts saying, "Wait, but what about this...? or What about that...?"  (I'm just kidding, I doubt there will be more than a few readers).


There are additional steps in onsite (on-site) optimization (what you do to your site), but all of them can wait.  Right now the most important thing to do is begin building links.  Building links from other sites to yours is what we call offsite (off-site) optimization.


Link Building

The following sentence will summarize this third and critical step, so please read it carefully.  You must find relevant and high ranking sites who will provide a dofollow link to your site using different variations of your keywords in and around the anchor text.  Lets break this down, shall we:

a. Find relevant sites - you want these links to be on sites that are related to your content and niche.

b. Find high ranking sites - you want your links to be on sites that are doing well in the SERPS and/or have high PR (Page Rank).

c. Dofollow links - many links on the net are nofollow, which means they will not help you much.  You want links without the nofollow attribute.

d.  Anchor text - this is the text that the visitor clicks on to take him/her to your site.  You want your keywords to be in and around (if possible) this anchor text.

e. Different variations - you don't want to keep using the exact same anchor text or text around your anchor text.  Remember, the search engines are looking for signs that something isn't natural or organic.  Keep changing it up a bit.


Where to get these Links?

a. Submit your site to related directories and topsites (also maybe a few high quality general directories)

b. Post blogs and write on forums related to your site (include a keyword rich link back to your site)

c. Write articles and submit these to all the top articles sites (include a link or links back to your site)

d. Provide a free product or service in exchange for a link (kind of like what Boonex does)

e. Email webmasters with sites in same niche and request a one-way link. (Good luck with this one)

f. Email webmasters with sites in same niche and request a link exchange. (Reciprocal links do help)

f. Consider the option of hiring an SEO company, a link building service, or buy your own links.


Now these are just a few ways you can build links back to your site.  There are other ways which I will mention in my next blog entry.  However, these are the main ones.


Now because I don't want to overwhelm you right now with too much information, I will end this blog entry here.  However, I will be happy to respond to individual questions about link building.


One final word: Keep track of your links, at least until they become too many to keep counting.  And if you exchange links with another site, make sure the sneaky bugger doesn't remove your link while you maintain his/hers.  There are a lot of crooked webmasters on the net, so be careful.


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great help!!!!

thanks for the nice tips mate.
Good, no questions and only one comment. I guess this means less competition for me ;-)

Of course you can always just skip the link building and just focus on "great content". This also means less competition.
nah most people read take the info and run ....
Hi Jason,
a great series of posts - to add to them here's some info from the master Matt Cutts.

What are some effective techniques for building links? -

Finally - a great one hour video of a site review -

Top tips - good luck with a great site!
You have no idea how helpful this blog post was to me. Even though I didn't read the previous ones, I got alot out of this one. Very informative and in your face. I plan on making that my next SEO attempt, will be writing it on my next post.
Here are two other ideas for getting links to your site:

a. Press Releases - free and paid
b. Website Reviews - free and paid

(Some people might argue that you shouldn't "pay" for links. In these examples, you are not actually paying directly for the link. You are paying for somebody's time. Nevertheless, I would always encourage people to do some homework before selecting a paid service. You definitely want to get the biggest bang for your buck.)

ps. Thanks slimgoody.

pss. see more As some of you may have noticed by reading various blog posts here on Unity, there is certainly a debate among SEO enthusiasts. One of the biggest debate topics is this: Content Building vs Link Building

Now pretty much everybody would agree that they are both important. However, the disagreement usually lies with which one to focus more of your time and attention on. This is a very important question, so I will likely make this the topic for my next blog entry. Oooooh, the anticipation begins...
I'm on it step by step and I'm also about to start my first Google AdWords campaign.

I'm definitive a follower of your posts cos its a real tutorial and over the next few weeks and month I will post how it goes :-)

Thank you Jason!
Ahhh I got a question or 2 :-)

How often should someone due the website submission like to google, yahoo and so on?
I'm using Web CEO.

Should I look for adult directories for my erotic community or can I add it to any directory?
I'm working my smooth a*s off right now with SEO, Web CEO, Link exchange, Google AdWords, searching reading and so on. I just hope I don't over do it!?
Hi Jason,
I just got a message from Google at Webmaster Tools saying:

Dear owner or webmaster of
While crawling your site, we have noticed an increase in the number of transient soft 404 errors around 2010-10-09 15:00 UTC (London, Dublin, Edinburgh). Your site may have experienced outages. These issues may have been resolved. Here are some sample pages that resulted in soft 404 errors:


This see more is probably not good. Is there a way to get rid of such pages?
on another site which crawls my site there I get "Warning: we found 219 errors on your site. Click on Errors to see the..." and the site is just craweled 54%

Same when I generate sitemaps it crawls calender from 1409 and so on. My stand alone sitemap generator crawled only 50000 pages but so many with that calendar stuff.
Very strange. I've never had such an experience. I check my webmaster tools at least a few times a week.

Sorry I can't help you hear. Perhaps somebody else here on Unity could offer up some info.

As long as the problem no longer exists, and these are no longer 404s, I wouldn't worry too much about it.
I add a topic at the Forum about it:
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