You do not have to pay for cpanel/plesk, there is opensource versions avaliable aswell

selo12 posted 23rd of October 2009 in Community Voice. 25 comments.

I have just ordered a new dedictaed server and Instead of paying 20 bucks for cpanel I found webmin on sourceforge that is open source and free If you own a Dedicated or a VPS server you can save up to 20 dollar/month by using opensource control panel named Webmin. If you are not going to offer hosting on your account and you will just use your server by yourself then in my opinion you can go for webmin, you can  do almost everything that is possible on cpanel/plesk on webmin you may need some extensions ..  It is very easy to install via ssh.

If you are using Redhat, Fedora, CentOS, SuSE or Mandrake Linux installation goes like this:


Enter this code via ssh:



after the files get downloaded issue this command:

rpm -U webmin-1.490-1.noarch.rpm

After few minutes your new login and pass will be given( change it to whatever you want)

if you do not get any login details the standard use to be:

Address: http://<server_ip>:10000
Username: root username
Password: root password

Ps  I think you should not have any controlpanel installed when isntalling this  but I am not sure

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Wow!!! I can save $20 per month by just giving you my login & password to my root server! Yes, let me jump right on this deal... Tell ya what, how about if I just give them to you and keep paying my host for what they provide. Like my host is going to suddenly quit charging me since your providing this stuff?

This is the biggest fraud I have ever heard of on here. Welcome to the land of deleted and blocked little one... ROFLMAO!!! Now where is Houston when we need him to beat up on a see more spammer?
webmin got 12,990,328 downloads by webmasters at sourceforge. I will not say it is as good as cpanel in my opinion but if you claim webmin will hack your site then you can just delete your own website and stop playing thug on forums. This post of yours clearly explains that you keep talking about things you do not know about
Lol you are a newbie. Cant you read the command? it is from
Seems like you dont know what that is.. you can visit that site and read about webmin and all the other usefull stuff there.
It is amazing you claim I am spamming..
I did not know you were that newb.. but anyway people are used to your annoying spamposts so I will just live with it
At least mydatery kept it short, his long winded remarks pretty much show his intelligence, and the need for

Thanks for the post, I have checked this out in past and it was going to use once. It seems to be a good item, don't let hot air (mydatery) keep you from posting things we could use.
And your remarks display perfectly your psychic abilities.
Is there anything else you can say to me? You sound like a parrot. Say something intelligent and I might pay attention. Notice your remarks are all hidden. Take the hint and just move on.
Yes thank you for the post, and just ignore mr. know it all (mydatery) who seems like he enjoys tooting his own horn a tad bit too much. It would be nice if before mydatery started to spew his nonsense he would atleast have a idea of what he is talking about.
And it would be nice if MTC actually had an idea of how to access his sites full features... But that would be asking to much wouldn't it.
When a question is asked in text, it should be followed by a "?" (That means a question mark - without the quotes.)

But that would be asking too much wouldn't it?

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Pure genius dude. You are the shibbitz. Really. A Dolphin God. Mythical in your abilities. Just as I said long ago. U B DA MAN!
Some people here don't seem to know what spam is, and are far to quick to accuse other members of spamming. A post is not spam because you don't like it, or think it is stupid - or incorrect, or wrong headed or whatever. Spam is simply massed produced boilerplate - the same message being sent over and over to email or posted on forums. When a post is individually composed it is almost never spam - even if you don't like it. This post is not spam.
see moreOh well for webhosting a module called virtualmin is needed to be installed in webmin.

There are quite some nice free control panels which are free and nice, including ispconfig, servercp (zervex) have a free editon with a single login which is quite a nice and professional panel. DTE( is also not developed for centos as previously it was only for debian.

These 3 are extensively used by me, and i believe are best avaiable free solutions for a free control panel fot hosting automation.
LOL at mydatery, I think unity members should start a campaign against him cause he is spamming on every forum and blog post and he usually dont know what he talk about. he post negative about absolute every post on unity Boonex staff should warn him
I find this to be very informative,since I just graduated to an unmanaged server. will definitely look in to it.
Thank you
There are a few other freebee's out there worth checking out. And a number of really good ones much cheaper than whm/cpanel too. Whm/cpanel is fairly decent but they do want a pretty hefty monthly fee.

Some of these are very stable, use less resources, and are much faster than whm/cpanel. Guess it depends on your setup and needs, but nothing wrong with checking out the competition or the freebee's. Cpanel is nice, but it's not perfect either and it's not cheap. Some alternatives are a fraction see more of the price or as you mention FREE!

And if you are a super know it all there is no need that you would ever need a control panel of any kind. If you are a super smart ass you should know every linux command line in a matter of seconds, which is way faster anyway than clicking on some links in whm.

You should be able to secure, harden, change ports, install firewall, anti-ddos, optimize apache and mysql, change your your root login to something other than root and less than standard port 22. Way to much that could be done, that takes a little time and most people don't take the time to do it. These are only a few examples of many many more.
I have been using Webmin for two years on my dedicated server, and love it. Why pay for something that you can get for free. I also have installed there Usermin package and plan to install their Virtualmin. Never had a problem with the developers of Webmin and there support is great.
I used Webmin years ago and while there was a bit of a learning curve, it was a very solid platform. I completely forgot about it and must check how it has developed over the years. Thanks for your post.
Well mydatery it seems your popularity has gone down a lot. You can thank it all to your snide remarks, know-it-all attitude and just plain out right rude person. You need to step back and rethink the way you communicate to others here as we are all tired of your constant flapping gum's, that really have no use to any of us on here.
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Why see more I post it here is because in my opinion enough is enough everyone I guess is tired of Mydatery that destroy the atmosphere in this community otherwise I really do not like to use time on discussing stuff that I consider useless..
Its good to know I am not the only person mydatery posts ridiculous pms to. He left me one as well and I immediately blocked him. It seems anyone that doesn't agree with him has some sort of issue or problem. Its time mydatery takes a big look at himself and realize the problem is within himself and not everyone else on unity.
By the way selo your english is fine to me. We all make typos now and again and I dont see anywhere on boonex that says this is a english speaking site only anyway. Its a shame that even peoples nationalities are a issue with mydatery.
Thanks, selo12, for this info. Certainly, saving $15-$20/month does add up.

Big ticks for the price (nada) and support (didn't someone say support's quite good?). But I'm wondering what the downsides are.

It almost seems like CPanel is now the quasi-standard server admin panel. If it has to come to it, is it relatively painless to migrate files from webmin-administered servers to CPanel-administered ones, and vice versa? I tried Installatron before and then moved over to CPanel, and that see more resulted in some pain (not major, but it was still there). That will be a major consideration for me.

The other thing is, does the amount of server hardening that can/should be applied depend on the admin panel used? I suspect not, but I'm no techie so just needed to ask that.
No, not Installatron. I meant DirectAdmin.
Thanks for da post...
WebMin is good. But cpanel, plesk are better. It gives better interface.

If you are going to use it for personal use, no problem you can use WebMin. Even there is no need for a control panel. Is it necessary???
My brother likes webmin for his servers but Ive never used it. I like Plesk over Cpanel but who cares. I think this is mostly a personal preference thing.

I do want to try webmin, I just gotta start a new virtual box or vmware or some other emulator. Thanks for reminding me!
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