Second try re groups forum

tango3d posted 27th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 7 comments.

Maybe I did'nt explain properly in my last post so I will try again


In forums of dolphin 6.1 I was getting this " [L[Author]] [L[Message]]


I went to admin/plugins/orca and compiled the en language and that cleared the problem in the main forums


If I go to Group forums, create a group and add a new topic, then make a post.  When I view the topic post. I will still get: [L[Author]] [L[Message]]


It seems that the language is compiled for main forums but not group forums.

I do not have a server or host problem, xslt xml etc are all enabled.


Does anyone have a clue how to fix this?

any advice would be appreciated.

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going to go check and see if i can create this problem. i have not even considered it. but that is a fact that you compile the language and the [L[Forums]] would go away. just took for granted that it would compile the same for the groups orca. need to go look at that one. back in a bit to hit ya again.

DodDawg, did you have the same result?
I just did try it and confirmed that the compilation on the main forum page doesnt fix the group forum. I am stuck too with the [L crap infront.
I have now compiled language for orca groups forum, this is how I did it,

If you navigate in your browser to www.dolphinurl/groups/orca/ you may not see the option to compile language.

I went to: www.myurl/groups/orca/BxLang.php you will get a blank page

go back in the browser and navigate again to: www.dolphinurl/groups/orca and the option is there.

It worked for me..
For the above to work you need to be logged into your admin plugins/orca in a separate browser window. I have tested on 2 sites
tango3d - spot on, I was looking for this and now all problems sorted.. thanks
Ok seems to be a browser problem here, so login to your admin, then go to plugins/orca then open a new browser window and do the above and it will work.
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