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mastermindsro posted 30th of March 2009 in Community Voice. 8 comments.

Well Dolphin 7 is almost released, but we must not make a big mistake and ignore a big problem: User privacy..

If there is no 100% privacy then there is no privacy at all, if there's a hole in the dam, the whole structure will collapse and everything on it's path will be destroyed.. we let this thing go, everything will go wrong..

So related to some unpleasant experiences of one of my friends on a local social network and including sammie's story:

..we must admit that things can go beyond normal imagination..

I know there are a lot more similar situations and even more creepy than this.. so before we start partying and everything, we should be sure that when a member wants privacy, will get privacy..

If a member registers and after a month decides to make his profile private but Googlebot already visited that page... the Google cache will make that "private" profile very public.. or as sammie said if the files are "private" on the website but can be downloaded with a web spider we are also having a big problem..

In my opinion the best way to get 100% privacy is to give members their own 100% private folder in which they have stored their photos, videos, music and everything else.. no indexing and no downloading with offline browsers..  everything locked, accessible only via the website and only if the member desires..

Will the new Dolphin provide 100% privacy?

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Agree on that. Privacy is one of the key points for future success - maybe the most important point.
i'll copy n paste what i said before:

as a woman i see a lot more issues than men, why? because as a woman i am targeted by sexual preditors, i have been here on (i'll talk about one of those guys below).

Because Dolphin is used for many different types of sites, Privacy is a #1 concern and privacy should mean 100% private, safe and secure.

About the stalker from, this guy is sick, he sent me threats to me and to my site and my sites members. he posted my photo and see more contact details on the web inviting men to send me their rape fantasy's (he is still a member and boonex did nothing about him, shame on you boonex)

in his terror campaign he harvested all the content of my site in the hope of obtaining naked or sexual content of me and my members, he bought a domain name and used adwords to target my site in the hope of destorying me and my sites reputation and that of my members.

he is just 1 of 47 stalkers and crazy fuckers i have had in tha last 8 years that i keep in a special folder and online in a secure folder and on cd. in case anything happens to me, the police have a folder of all 47 of them to go through.

now if he can do this to me, any guy can do this to any woman who is a member of a Dolphin site, so to give the impression that your photos are private and only a few named people who you invited to see them, is not true if the folder can be harvested by anyone using HTTrack or other spider/bot to obtain them.

they are also placed on google search if they are not secure. and your sites reputation aint worth shit if your members images and video's end up all over the net when that member was lead to believe that their media was private.

all media should be in secure folders so they can only be accessed via members of the site, so bots and spiders cant harvest them or search engienes cant index them and put them on the net.

you can keep the public photo and video galleries, but there has to be both private photo and video galliers that are 100% private safe and secure. this will also help combat bandwidth theift if mp3's are in a secure folder too
There are a lot of predators in cyberspace the points made here are must have precautions to make members feel a little safe online.

Sammie sorry to hear about your ordeal.
Don't get me wrong, I only wish Dolphin become the best script of it's kind, and if negative votes is the way, I'll accept that without any complaints..
we all have to suffer if something goes wrong, so our power stays in our unity, let's discuss this, let's argue, let's fix what is there to fix.. there's no question Boonex did a great job, but testing and suggesting things is our job, let's do it as we should..
@ mastermindsro

Sorry for the thumb down. My mistake :-(
Of course this was a thumb up I was wanting to vote ;-)
Look at Social Engine v 3.xx who has a high level to privacy on user niveau. Maby this can be a way for Boonex to make Dolphin more secure
I am currently running dolphin 6.1.2 and I do enjoy it so I am not looking to run Dolphin 7 at the current time.

I too believe that a members privacy is of utmost concern. If dolphin does decide to make privacy a major concern, myself and many others running any of the 6.1 versions would greatly appreciate a privacy upgrade to support the individual folders or whatever is decided upon to ensure proper profile privacy.
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