Some problems with Dolphin 6.1.1 Adfree / Free

hd4real posted 15th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 7 comments.
Hi All,

I have installed Dolphin 6.1.1 Adfree. I have licenses for:

Ray Chat
Ray Desktop
Ray Board
Ray Presence
Ray Video Recorder
Ray Video Player
Ray Music Player
Ray Shoutbox (Where do I get my license?)

Also, I do not see my Ray Adfree licenses at my Unity account.

Dolphin problems:

- I still see boonex footer links even with my Adfree license and i'm not allowed to remove them.
- CCBill does not work. Blank screen

Orca problems:

- Can not register my Adfree license. It says invalid.
- Lots of errors showing

Ray problems:

- Widgets registered (shoutbox license missing)
- Widgets not loading at all on website
- Using Boonex RMS untill my RMS is upgraded. Boonex RMS can not connect. What are the port numbers?

I have emailed Boonex support 2 days ago and am waiting for a reply but untill then, maybe one of you might know what my problem is.

Same issue's regarding Ray and Orca for Dolphin 6.1.1 Free.


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Ray widgets not working on my site. It appears Ray could not read the 'skins' files. This was a .htaccess problem.

Reason - some servers suggest .htaccess file not as hidden and try to work with it instead swf skin files. So you can change next string in ray/global/inc/ file from this:

$aWrongExtensions = array("php", "asp", "php5");


$aWrongExtensions = array("php", "asp", "php5", "htaccess", see more "");

Also, some servers are now using suPHP (or PHPsu.exec) which can cause a server 500 error.

With suPHP you cannot put php instructions into your .htaccess file. Dolphin does this by default. You need to remove xxxx globals = off php instruction from .htaccess and put it into your php.ini file.

Knowledge shared....

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the help but it still does not load widgets. I do not have suPHP and i'm on a Hostforweb dedicated server.
I have the same issue (ad free issue)...
Same issue. How can people pay you money and you do nothing to resolve the problems????
I have the free version and have registered all my ray widgets, but on loading the home page the shoutbox widget reports widget is not registered when it clearly is within the admin panel.

I have also removed the license and reapplied it, still no change, shoutbox widget still unregistered, any help on this would be great.

Ok all of you i think i have found your problem...

In the dir /ray/modules/global/app/

CHMOD FFMPEG.exe to 777

Reload your site and try again. :) Hope this helps.
it didnt help mate. sry.

shoutbox, music, and all other ray widget are not loading.

anybody know the exact will be appreciated.

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