Ray widgets not working on my site. It appears Ray could not read the 'skins' files. This was a .htaccess problem.

Reason - some servers suggest .htaccess file not as hidden and try to work with it instead swf skin files. So you can change next string in ray/global/inc/ file from this:

$aWrongExtensions = array("php", "asp", "php5");


$aWrongExtensions = array("php", "asp", "php5", "htaccess", see more "");

Also, some servers are now using suPHP (or PHPsu.exec) which can cause a server 500 error.

With suPHP you cannot put php instructions into your .htaccess file. Dolphin does this by default. You need to remove xxxx globals = off php instruction from .htaccess and put it into your php.ini file.

Knowledge shared....

Hope this helps!

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