Some suggestion for an Killer iPhone app!

totallyfreak posted 27th of October 2010 in Community Voice. 9 comments.

Actually i test the iphone app and its not too bad... but it need a lot of improvement... and also it crash often!

1.  You can read your message but cant delete it

2. Why we can only browse member with 5 profile per page... user should be able to choose how many per page and also different type of view... list, detailled or mosaic like the pics i took from another social dating app (i add it as attachment)

3. We should be able to chat directly from the iphone with online member... and be able to have multiple chat session... like text message... with history recorder...

4. member should also be able to take photo or video from his Iphone and put it in album or as profil pics

5. Why the signup option is not available from the iphone?

6. Report option also could be useful intoo the app...

7. A who's online section with a bottom icon from the home page of the application could be more faster for member who want to connect and chat now... unstead of selecting the search tab and make a search with parameter... Whos online show the near member and show like the pics i attach...

8. Push notification???

9. Also for those who have the iphone 4, facetime webcam live chat with one on one member could be awsome...

10. Rate user and content from the App


I hope that some of my suggestion will be taken in consideration and that some of them will be in the next update.... I check other social network app and the boonex one had to be more complex before i buy the app rebranding for my personal website... specially for the online chat function


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Your Link for image does not work.
LeatherSportB it is a screen grab from the iphone app Grindr
Btw, i love Nimbuzz, Snaptu, socially, qeep all great apps
Hope someday D8 might have it...
the thing is that grindr app got a very easy browsing member system... and also its easy to chat with the online people...
Nathan Paton
I didn't know Grindr was for chatting. I admit, it is an interesting app, especially the location features.
Andrew Boon
Thank you. Noted. We'll be gradually updating the app and your suggestions come handy.
i think that the signup function is the more critical... for people who discover the dating website via app store... they need to create an account from the app...
thx a lot andrew :)
by the way, i want to know... if we buy the rebranding feature for the iphone app... did we get also the source code? for making personnal change into the scripting...
Is there a app for the android phone?
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