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CodeSatori posted 5th of July 2009 in Community Voice. 11 comments.

There's been much discussion on Unity in recent blogs and comments. What's struck me over the last few months I've been lurking and later registered here, is the low level of staff presence among the community. I've been onboard a fair number of growing projects, and Boonex Unity is distinctly among the less active communities when it comes to  chatter about current development and the general community-staff input cycle.

The lofty ideas surrounding the concept of Unite People concept are of course wonderful ideals, but Unity begins at home. I haven't seen much unity between the Staff and the Community to date — the interaction seems to be minimal. Aside a stray post from Unoboonex, staff input into the community comes across as quite minimal to me. Am I just spoiled with my assumptions and expectations?

Who are the Staff, anyway? The Team page doesn't really tell much, it's a set of job descriptions rather than a set of real people and faces. The faces are of course there on the new video (using a cute tune from the Finnish folk music group Loituma). I'd like to see those faces around the Unity, laying foundations for actual Unity.

Unity starts with communication. Communication leads to coordination and cooperation. Tight cooperation leads to unity. Without communication, there can never be unity.

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I agree, but I think the biggest problem is that staff / admin / mod members don't have badge / icon that distinguishes them apart from normal users.

They are out there - but you simply don't know who they are.

Andrey is proof positive someone from the team is around and reading.

DeeEmm, it seems they actually have badges, at least here they do: I suppose adding those in next to posts and comments would be a good move.
Actually, we are around here mostly. But since there is an active internal development and preparation of the upcoming Beta version release, so we don't post much atm.
LOL - just when you think that no-one is looking ...

... along comes Hector :D

A different color user name is probably simplest way of distinguishing the Mods apart from the Users.

Andrew Boon
We have a whole bunch of Unity improvements on the list, but the catch is that we're switching to Dolphin after Hookie release, so we basically wait. Once Dolphin is installed at we'll be adding badges and will likely post more often. What we try to do is to merge development, testing and support into one stream - Dolphin/, which should be one piece of software.
Cool, looking forward to that. Makes sense to focus on one platform, adding in custom modules if needed.

Will you be rolling out the FF beta for Boonex.Com, or waiting for the stable to complete?
Looking forward to it too ..
In the past couple months the Boonex staff have been more attentive and much more active on Unity then ever..

It shows, and makes it what it is suppose to be.

I think that running Unity on the Dolphin platform is a must. Using the product in a real environment is usually the best way to ensure that it is bug free, plus any improvements can more easily be rolled out to the rest of us.

As far as badges are concerned, do you think they will be enough? Perhaps you should all get uniforms too.

well i for one know that i have seen activity from boonex staff over the past few months, and there are times in the forums where i see posts from leonID i think is his name, and AndreyP. i think some of these guys for the sake of just offering help, do have an alternate username than what is prescribed on the boonex staff page listing.

at any rate, i think they do a decent job, considering all that has been on their plate. granted, this D7 release has taken longer than they have ever expected, see more but i think at the same time, they have set it in stone that they do not wish to remove from the oven a half-baked cake.

Good Job Boonex'ers

I'am complety agree with DosDawg in this.
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