Still old bug with photo gallery

jerry79 posted 7th of July 2008 in Community Voice. 2 comments.


i found in the new Dolphin release an old bug.

When you upload more then 10 photos to the shared gallery and you take a look then on your profile, youll see in the block "photo gallery" 8 pics but when you click "next" the site gets corrupted.

Is there any plan when this will be solved? Otherwise i have to resize the amount of upload pictures to an user.

Or does anyone got a solution for this?


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Nevermind, i guess it was a template problem... Just copied the original BxDolSharedMedia.php into inc/classes/
Thas all.
Thanks to LeonidS for pointing me into this direction!
Glad you got it sorted out jerry. Thanks for posting what made it work for you.
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