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Profesize posted 23rd of October 2009 in Community Voice. 5 comments.

Don't get me wrong here. I think that Boonex has come on leaps and bounds with the dolphin software and is actually quite a cool software package but every now and then they just seem to do something that knocks off a bit of that sheen if you know what I mean.

Right. It turns out that recurring payment system doesn't actually work and is a major flaw in Dolphin so why even include it in the software if that is the case? Unfortunately I have a members who have set themselves up for subscriptions and it would look very unprofessional if I was to turn around now and say, "Hey....sorry but subcriptions don't really work."

One member on unity has pointed me in the direction of a mod on Expertzzz but it does stuff I don't really wanna offer and it costs $50 too. What I can't understand is if there is a mod to fix this major flaw then why haven't Boonex bought the rights off the developer and incorporated it into a patch?

Am I being OTT here? Please tell me as I am quite peed off that this has not been resolved when it is such a major aspect of running a site that is reliant on paid membership working properly and there is something out there that can fix it?

If anyone else has a solution please let me know. I don't mind paying something toward a mod that can fix it  but want to keep the modification as minimal as possible both in the amount of changes needed as well as the amount I need to spend on what Boonex should have made as priority to fix.


Rant over.....................phew!

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While your talking about a basic functionality, I have to agree that Boonex missed the boat on this one. With it comes automatic updating of profiles once an item is paid for. Wow, what a concept that would be if the systems actually updated with payment information after a member paid for something so we didn't have to go in and upgrade them ourselves.

Curious, I have seen many many many mods, but I haven't seen what your talking about with this one, can we have a link to it? And if the cost see more is $50 for the mod, then you have to keep in mind this basic rule of economics: Supply vs. Demand. If only one person has this mod and everyone wants it, then $50 is not that much in the end.
Here is the link:
I think the real point though must be, why is such a basic functionality in software of this kind is not working.
Having to buy a mod for it, is a bit like buying a car, then being told you have to buy the steering wheel from a third party...

Smacks a bit amateurish at best, not to mention sloppy for such an important function.
The quick answer too your problem is very simple...Boonex still has much ways to go and many bugs to fix...Good Luck...
This issue is similar to the issue that Dolphin comes ready to integrate with but the interface is from like 2004?!

I am paying a developer to update it for me...what the? This should be a standard out of the box feature. From this topic, I'm anticipating that I will have more work to do to make sure recurring subscriptions work as well...
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