While your talking about a basic functionality, I have to agree that Boonex missed the boat on this one. With it comes automatic updating of profiles once an item is paid for. Wow, what a concept that would be if the systems actually updated with payment information after a member paid for something so we didn't have to go in and upgrade them ourselves.

Curious, I have seen many many many mods, but I haven't seen what your talking about with this one, can we have a link to it? And if the cost see more is $50 for the mod, then you have to keep in mind this basic rule of economics: Supply vs. Demand. If only one person has this mod and everyone wants it, then $50 is not that much in the end.
Here is the link:
I think the real point though must be, why is such a basic functionality in software of this kind is not working.
Having to buy a mod for it, is a bit like buying a car, then being told you have to buy the steering wheel from a third party...

Smacks a bit amateurish at best, not to mention sloppy for such an important function.
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