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patrick81 posted 20th of November 2009 in Community Voice. 8 comments.

We all hate scammers!  They annoy our valued members and make them leave our sites. Frown Instead of using one-email-per-minute feature, I want users to be automatically banned for sending out 15 or 25 emails in less than 5 minutes.  I know they can't email 15 or 25 emails in less than 5 minutes. If we leave it the way it is, one scammer could email up to 1440 emails per day (1440 minutes in a day with the one-email-per-minute rule).  That's just one scammer sending emails. If we have 50 different scammers,  our members could have up to 72,000 junk mails in one day.  It's quite overwhelming and extremely hard to police the profiles. I don't think one-email-per-minute feature is helping to control them.  Why not just ban them automatically for mass spamming and then let us decide what to do with them. It's a lot easier to look at banned accounts than to try and sift through everyone's profiles to find a scammer. It also allows us to know which of those members are threating our members.

This is not a bug but maybe this feature can be tweaked a little bit to give us more control over spam. Is it possible to have this functionality added to 7.1?  What does everyone think?

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I'm not sure I understand your question. Why don't you just limit the total number of messages a member can send out at each membership level? - 10 or 20 per day, something like that. You certainly don't want to allow your members to send more than a thousand messages each day.
The problem is some "real" users email 50 times a day so I can't stop them for no reason. With membership level feature, it will not allow us to know which users are trying to mass spam people.
I would think that any member being spammed will tell you they are. I can see what your saying, but i think its best really to limit the emails any member can send in a day, 20 emails are enough i find, you want your members to take part in the site not use it as some email service anyway, unless of course thats what your aim is. Stopping spammers is a hard one because to stop them you have to limit what they do, and in the process that limits genuine members too
Okay i can try limiting down to 20 emails a day. I hope that advertisers or scammers don't send out 20 then create a new nickname and send out another 20. If dolphin bans them automatically for mass spamming in a short time, I could see who got banned in my admin panel. I could either warn them or add their ip addresses to the blacklist. That's what i'm hoping to have.
I personally verify a member's profile, even if photos seem pretty real, and his/her description. I have a mod from AntonLV which can ban access from certain countries, but i don't rely on it 100% but let's say 60%. Anyways, before i activate their profile, i am checking his IP and it's IP history on ripe and google, if the specified IP has been previously reported in dealing/involved with spam/fraud etc. It turned out to be pretty effective... Not mentioning that i have a BIG announcement for my see more members after they're logging in, explaining all the possible scam scenarios. I'm not saying i love this job, but is just a substitute until i find a better solution to fight those pricks. Hope it helps some of you guys...
And adding IPs to blacklist i can say is useless, because nowadays people have dynamic IPs, and banning their entire IP class will definitely lock access to innocent ones. So its a dilemma. Think twice
it should have right to left support
Now I see that some people are using or services like that to mask their ip addresses. I still add those ip addresses to my blacklist because I don't allow any users from's servers or anything like that. By doing this, is it still possible to block some innocent people? I don't consider people using innocent people. Right? I know nothing is accurate which sucks.
see moreAnd once again this is why I keep recommending that you guys run an e-mail filtering system that monitors for scam/spam type e-mails and stops them from ever reaching the members. This is something I've been running since day one on all sites that I work on (I actually require it be part of any site I work on) and it delivers awesome results. Basically, no spam type e-mails ever reach a member and the real members can e-mail as much as they want. Not that difficult a concept to meet your goal.
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