The Grind about the Release Date

CodeSatori posted 20th of August 2009 in Community Voice. 12 comments.

There are days and weeks when a dark planet glides across the internet and incites the masses to go amok with verbal warfare. I don't think this is one of those times. The tension in the ongoing discussions spawns for the greater part from a sense of frustration and uncertainty over the future releases of Dolphin 7.

Uncertain expectations and unclear situations tend to create stress and bring people just a little bit too close to the edge. I'm sure everyone would feel more at ease and relaxed, and could focus on something more productive than squabbling, if there were a tentative deadline and date for a release that's ripe for production environment.

For hobby projects, big deal if they're a bit late or early, but when we're talking about the availability and functionality of solutions that affect someone's livelihood, I can understand someone grinding their teeth if a stable release is forthcoming at an undefined future time that could be in a week, a month, or six months.

Just something along the lines of, "At our current pace of production, after reviewing the pending tasks and allocating them to developers, we estimate a stable release to be available towards the second half of October." That would give everyone something to go by in developing their future web strategies.

Knowledge gives peace. Sometimes. =)

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Judging by the amount of bugs that were reported in beta 3 and subsequently fixed, I reckon they could not give a definate date, as there were many. However keep an eye on trac for how many are reported for beta 4 this time and it may give us a better idea.

The alternative is to measure a length of string and tell us its exact size so we know for the future. :P
Andrew Boon
We really wanted to make it to Sep 1st, but it looks unreal already. Hopefully we'll have not more than a couple of betas and RCs from now on, so releasing within September is the goal.

Bugs don't take much time, but we had some serious delays due to incorrect implementation of privacy settings and media albums.
Excellent points. As I have mentioned elsewhere, many small businesses were seriously hurt by the Boonex "teaser" approach that started more then a year ago. On 8/8/2008 were were told that Boonex would soon be releasing "the next big thing" - it would be absolutely fantastic and were let to believe that this release was imminent. The most talented people I know here - and many of the best sites, were put on hold waiting for this release. After all, why modify and build a system see more if a completely new technology is right around the corner? Especially if it is known that the new version will not be compatible with the old.

Now, more than a year later, we are all running around testing multiple versions of a beta. Had Boonex told us last August that it would be at least a year before the next version, most of us would have taken a different approach. Not necessarily dumping Dolphin, but we could have had heavily modified versions of 6.1 by now that may have been successful. As it was approached, however, were were like those proverbial frogs being boiled - and we never jumped out of the pot.
Andrew Boon
Yes, we should be more careful with any talk about dates and plans. Too many factors to consider and all of the constantly changing.
Yep, the longest 2 weeks or so in my life, but in the end, the wait is looking worthwhile.
I was already thinking sometime in December, so anything before that is better than expected for me.

I understand & share in the frustration, but I think people need to remind themselves that each pre-release is helping to prevent 7.x.x versions in the future. That is a very good thing.

The stronger the script upon release, the better off everyone will be, and I think it will still be worth the wait.

A little more patience now will save a lot of trouble later. At least that's my take see more on the current state of D7.
A car is not made into one year, from idea to concept will be going 4 a 5 years.
This is also going up for software. I know some of us want to make money with this, but we have to be patient to get a 95% bugfree script. There will alway's some bugs left.
Thank you, Andrew! And good luck with the remainder of the work. We all know the agonizing process of "wrapping up the last of it"... =)
The delays have definitely been worth it. Dolphin 7 has evolved into something much, much better than what I believe, was originally planned for. I'm running out of things to complain about.

I'm actually impressed that D7 has come this far in this amount of time. The whole package is almost 5,000 files, and I would guess in the neighborhood of 175,000 lines of code. There are almost 1,400 images.

That's a lot of stuff!
Just out of curiosity anyone have any idea how long it has been since dolphin 7 was first mentioned being released? I am not sure myself but kind of guessing this has been going on a year now? Maybe more or less? Any one has the time to double check and post how long since first mentioning just for shits and giggles?
I've been following the development here since March or thereabouts, but if I recall correctly, it's been about a year in works. Snapshots from a quick search:

02.07.2008 - Announcement on the "next big thing" (unspecified):

23.11.2008 - What appears to be the first D7 specific message:

26.02.2009 - A status check from late February:

12.03.2009 see more - First public preview (build 12):

And the rest of the cycle, from Alpha 12 to Beta 4, most will remember.
The thing that worries me is if dolphin 7 is released around december. It says poseidon is due to be released march of 2010. Thats only 3 months later. Im pretty sure poseidon wont be compatible with dolphin 7 either. So if you do alot of heavy customizing for your dolphin 7 site, this may be obsolete in a mater of months later. Also if it is released around december has it been tested with windows 7? I know thats due to be released in october and lots of people will probably be switching from vista see more to windows 7 by that time as well. It would be a shame if for whatever reason it wouldnt work at all with windows 7.
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