The big question for Boonex

clubbeyourself posted 9th of May 2009 in Community Voice. 2 comments.

Personally, I believe the new Boonex pricing is indeed spot on for the work put in and what it offers.

Ok, the ones that say but I don't want orca or ray products, or this or that.  This product is an all in one package now, we have to live with that. Some think that's great, others don't.  The reality is Boonex have chosen to steer their development of Dolphin in this direction, so that's that.

Someone mentioned a comparison to microsoft and windows and the pricing on that.  The reality is that if you want to move with the times, have the ability to use products (software for example) in the future (as products develop over time) then you must upgrade.

Who is still using windows 3.1 today?  No-one I know.  I have windows vista installed on my computer.  I opted for that because some of the features that it offerred were available and I found appealing.  Do I use every feature that is offerred by Windows Vista, No I do not.

So should I ask, Uncle Bill to give me windows vista cheaper because I do not wish to use all of the features.  If I did get a response at all, I am sure it would be a big LOL!!! and nothing more.

Ok, enough of my rant about that.....  On to the big question, and this is one that I also believe in:

For those people that buy licenses, ie. support the further development of Boonex and Dolphin.

Is Boonex going to come up with a support solution to assist those that have paid and contributed to the Boonex company and to the community as a whole.

I do believe that Boonex need to give us an answer or a solution to this problem.

Yes there is a huge support network in the forums, blogs, etc on the unity site and some very knowledgable people that provide a hell of a lot of support for free.  And I am sure those people will continue to support us all. I know I have been helped out by a number of those people.

But Boonex should provide some form of backup support network above and beyond that to assist people having difficulties that have paid for the software.

So Boonex, please fill us in with your plans regarding support for those of us that pay for Licenses and Advert Removal, etc.

Also, keep up the good work, I am very excited about D7 and beyond.

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Unfortunately I am not entitled to a 'free' upgrade...

I need to get my 'Free' site paying it's way first, then I will definately pay the reduced fee of $790 for a lifetime license.

I am very grateful to Boonex for allowing me to use there software for free.

Do I have a gripe... Just one, improve Boonex official support.

Boonex, D7 is looking good, all the best and Thanks.

Andrew Boon
I wish I could come up with a nice "coming soon" answer here, but no, it's not how it is.

BoonEx team is comparatively small now - a little over a dozen people. Support and development are two different parts of business, support being more time-consuming. Moreover, we have realized that during 8 years of operation we have never been completely happy with our support dept, and neither were our customers.

So, we decided not to "price-in" the support into the license fee and see more will instead feature 3rd party support groups, companies, individuals, sites that can do the job better. Unity is one part, with more "professional/tailored" offers coming soon.

Once we get bigger we'll revisit this subject and might revive our support dept., but for now we really want to concentrate on development. Version 7 should be huge hit and the ver8 will definitely eliminate 90% of the support issues.

I know this doesn't' sound sweet, but it's true.
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