The module development

VictorT posted 2nd of February 2010 in . 6 comments.

Last week we have been working with some Trac documentation for Dolphin 7, and we are very happy to let you know that the first tutorial on how to develop your own module for Dolphin is now available here.

That's not all, because we also updated the Dolphin translation manual. Check it here.

You are welcome to post your feedback, suggestions and critics about these updates in comments or PM to me directly.

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Thanks Victor, this will really help us who haven't programmed a mod yet get a good feel for what's required.
Yup, thanks for that. Been through the tutorial without a hitch. It was very useful. At the very least it will add structure to my hacking around with code. I have a situation where by I want to make an amendment to member.php but the tutorial does not seem to fit this scenario. I am trying to think of another way around my change so that it will fit the modules approach however no approapriate thought has been forth coming.
Thanks for a great tutorial! Maybe in the future we can get a list of the special tags: "bx_if" and keywords like "action" with explanations of what they do.
Awesome Victor! This will really help me and get to know more about programming... :)
thanks a lot... this will attract more people interest in dolphin.. :)
great work
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