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slimgoody posted 15th of August 2010 in Community Voice. 4 comments.


Ok so here is the deal, I wanted to respond to a  comment made under my last blog by CodeSatori but I went over the Character limit. So here I am creating it as a blog. I love debates, conversation and pretty much anything that stimulates my mind. So here I go, responding to that wonderful Dolphin member Guy by the name of CodeSatori


I respect your point of view 100%, now respect mine. I'm going to explain the reality of things. Examining a script and testing out something so complex AS a script will take much longer than 2 weeks. No great web developer has learned their craft in a 2 week time period. To think that is ludacris.Dolphin is way to complex to learn and experiment within a short time span.

Another thing I'm going to break down to you is that I didn't go in building around a script. I went in buidling around an idea. And when you are buidling off of an idea that you have mapped out and put into a blueprint, finding the right script WILL TAKE TIME!. This is where you and I differ. I'm not average and I'm not looking for average. As far as investment is concerned, oh boy you have no idea the investment that my pockets have seen. But see, thats neither here nor there because that part of the business I've learned already.

Thirdly any GOOD business takes time unless you are one of those developers who like to throw up Bull sh%t websites for a quick profit. In that case then I can understand why you can't see why it would take a year to build a successful website. Unfortunately, we aren't in that category and honestly I don't want to be. So your way of thinking to me, is a bit off. Because limited funding and nothing else to do points more to the less than a year perspective you have.

Yes, I get mad at Dolphin and as my website expands, I notice issues that come up. I rant and I rave about them, YEP SURE DO! thats what I'm suppose to do. I'm going to treat dolphin the same way that I treat my husband. When he makes me angry, I'm going to say what I feel at that moment. Is he going anywhere? (Nah, more than likely ,not)

Just because I'm using the script doesn't mean that I'm not going to get pissed at the developers. No relationship is perfect.And as long as I'm heard whenever I scream I'm cool.

I'm still irriated with Dolphin but when it all boils down to it, they have served me quit well up to this point.

Now you should be more confused.....marinate on that one, take a nap, wake up and try again.


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Limited funding is an issue for almost everyone in the times we live in. Even from last year this time, there's been a trend (at least in our end of the world) of increasing reservation in S/M businesses to investing into much anything, what to speak of financing year-long process of web development.

While you speak of blueprints, what I've gathered so far here is that for a lot of people, tinkering with Dolphin is something of a lifestyle and a way to learn more about website development, and see more maybe make a bit of profit in the process, more than a part of a tight and systematic business plan. (Re: the many "are you making money with your Dolphin" posts.)

If you're faced with a situation where it looks like you'll be spending a disproportionate time just evaluating possible solutions, before you can actually get your hands dirty and productive, it may be a good idea to hire a consultant who's already familiar with the range of available CMS options, and able to rapidly review them against your specifications. This would undoubtedly cost less than the loss of profits from a year's testing phase where no actual business takes place, and you'd know exactly what's supported out of the box, and where you need to budget time and funds for extra development.

I've developed easily a hundred plus websites in total over the years, and up to a respectable standard at that, in time-frames much less than a year. (As is obvious if you do the math of average sites per year for a decade from the above.) If you suspect it's been bull because of the short timeframes, feel free to message me and I'll link you up with some portfolios.

At any rate, I have no issue if you want to use Dolphin to build up your web development skills. By all means, keep at it.
of course, message me some links from your portfolio..................
i can say this and hope its accepted in the most appropriate manner. code satori writes some beautiful code. i have examined his work, and i can say that by far, it is very clean and logical. dolphins programmers are more focused on putting out the next paid mod, and not focused on the development of the application that many have paid $1000's for. as a prime example if you read this today, look at the /unity page itself. now this had to be obvious, or maybe they didnt clean their cache directory see more after editing.

that leads to another point, how come the admin panel links do not clear the cache, has that been addressed in the almighty error reporting that goes unnoticed? yeah the links in the admin panel of Dolphin 7.x do not work, and have not worked from the very beginning to clear the cache directory and the cache_public directory.

but most likely this would be considered an enhancement just as everything else is that doesnt work, unless you want to pay for the mod to make it work correctly.

I can't tell you how many things of that nature, I've seen. I noticed that the links in the admin area didn't work well at all, when I first started using 7.0. Never really tripped over it because I could go to my cpanel account and clear my cache, so it wasn't a HUGE deal. I do believe that if it doesn't work and hasn't worked, then it should be taken off. But I truely agree with what you are saying, The enhancement of Dophin is slow but alot of these developers are through modules left to right. see more And honestly, the modules are becoming wasteful all due to the fact that Dolphin has so many bugs.
There would be no way in HELL I would spend $1000's on this script. This script would have to be damn near perfect before I do some crap like that. Going prime? PLAHLESSSS! what the hell do I look like going PRIME when I can't get my measly $39 license to work well for me?

Don't get me wrong Dolphin has done it's justice so far with the project we have put together BUT if it doesn't get better in within MY time frame, they are going to loose something special. I don't heitate to move on if I have to . And I know that it takes time, and time is all that I have. But I refuse for it to take forever because THAT I don't have.

And oh yeah Codesatori's sites are pretty well put together. I dug them.
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