Thoughts to improve Boonex public relations

sammie posted 7th of February 2009 in Community Voice. 21 comments.

I am sure Boonex cringe everytime they see a blog post from me with "Boonex" in the title, but this is not a bash Boonex post, far from it, this is just a post to bring to light some of the errors i see, and how Boonex can address them and improve their public relations a little more.

My main concern is not about Dolphin 7 or the lack of information about it, nor the delays, as it is infact being brought forward, so it is not late at all, it is being released early. and the lack of information is to protect it from other script providers getting a jump on its features. that i understand as Dolphin is the best of the rest.

What does worry me is this.

Boonex has a perfectly good script in Dolphin 6.1.4 Together we have worked on security fixes and bug fixes and it is almost perfect, there are a few remaining bugs that need to be addressed and it would be a final stable product (one which Boonex has never had yet)

People have installed 6.1.4 and invested a lot of money in it on mods and are happy to keep it for some time, as they believe that Dolphin 6.1.4 with their paid mods, is what they want and wish to keep for a while to come.

So why are Boonex abandoning these loyal members? its public relation suicide. Believe me Boonex it really is!!

list of bugs in 6.1.4:

Ray Desktop, does not work in firefox 3 the Desktop IM does not work.

Ray IM does not work in Firefox 3

Ray base, flash 10 wipes out licenses if you enter ray base with flash 10 and you cant re-enter them unless you go back to flash 9 and thats not easy.

groups orca, pagination does not work

friends list pagination does not work

admin builders, do not work in IE6/7

there are a few other minor bugs with 6.1.4 the above list is the major bugs. as no-one but Boonex has access to Ray source code, only Boonex can fix them.

I propose that Boonex do one Final release of Dolphin 6.1.5 that addresses the known bugs, so people who have invested in their sites can have a stable version they can keep for as long as they want.

i suggest this is made after Dolphin 7's second round of core bug patches and before Boonex work on more Modules for Dolphin 7.

if Boonex really cares, all you have to do is make a statement, and say yes sammie we see the error of our ways, and we promise there will be a 6.1.5 as we do care about our members.

so why dont we also use this thread to post all our fixes that we have had to make and see if we can not make life easier for others and boonex to issues a final release for 6.1

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Yes too true. I would prefer something easy to set up and as stable as possible.
As for me the main bug in Dolphin 6.1 is the Cupid mails feature that doesn't work :-((

As for my site, Admin builders are working just fine with IE7 (Windows Vista)...
I haven't had any issues with the admin builders in ie 7 either and the ray desktop hasn't caused me any problems either.
Friends pagination does seem glitchy.
Running windows 7
I totaly agree with the whole statement made...great points pointed out.
Checked Admin builders with IE7 and Windows XP... working well for me (working fine with Vista too).

Not sure if this is your problem but I have had problems with pagination too... I solved this issue by replacing some & with & in some lines of the script.
Michel if you can look at the file and line number and post it it would really he of some help, the admin builder i think is only the page builder, not sure as i only recall a lot of posts about that, i use ff3 myself.
not a great fan of winblows lol
Hi Sammie :-)

Please forget about line numbers... I have edited so many thing in the script and added so many mods...

In the file viewFriends.php, function getFriendList( $id )


$id = (int)$id;

I added:

/***** pagination ****/
$sCountSQL = "SELECT count(*) FROM `FriendList`
LEFT JOIN `Profiles` ON (`Profiles`.`ID` = `FriendList`.`Profile` AND `FriendList`.`ID` = '$id' OR `Profiles`.`ID` = `FriendList`.`ID` AND `FriendList`.`Profile` = '$id')
WHERE see more (`FriendList`.`Profile` = '$id' OR `FriendList`.`ID` = '$id') AND `FriendList`.`Check` = '1' ";

$iTotalNum = db_value( $sCountSQL );
if( !$iTotalNum ) {
return MsgBox(_t( '_Sorry, nothing found' ));

$iPerPage = (int)$_GET['per_page'];
if( !$iPerPage )
$iPerPage = 21;

$iTotalPages = ceil( $iTotalNum / $iPerPage );

$iCurPage = (int)$_GET['page'];

if( $iCurPage > $iTotalPages )
$iCurPage = $iTotalPages;

if( $iCurPage < 1 )
$iCurPage = 1;

$sLimitFrom = ( $iCurPage - 1 ) * $iPerPage;
$sqlLimit = "LIMIT {$sLimitFrom}, {$iPerPage}";

/***** pagination ****/

Hope that will help you ;-)
thank you Michel i know this will help a lot of people that wish to remain with 6.1.4 for the present, it may also help boonex to do a final patch,

so why dont we also use this thread to post all our fixes that we have had to make and see if we can not make life easier for others and boonex to issues a final release for 6.1
I don't understand the problem with flash player 10. I am using version 10,0,12,36 and have no problems whatsoever. I've even deliberately tried to create the problem you mention, but have not been able to. Usually, I'm pretty good at breaking things.
the probelm with flash 10 was real, it maybe that adobe has fixed issues, looking ar the release you use.
it is not always so easy to say if it is dolphin or a browser or addon like flash 10 that causes the problem, and therefor boonex get blamed for a lot of shit that is not thier fault.

what matters is these are/where known isses and they are addressed for a stable and final release of 6.1
so members who have invested in it, can keep it and have a stable website
Hi, I just installed the Ad-free dolphin package. When I go to Admin Panel >> Plugins >> Ray Suite, it shows "Not Installed".

I cross crecked the chmod permissions many times. Still the same message presists. How can I get aroung this pls?
Andrew Boon
Thank you Sammie.

Yes, we will release 6.1.5 some time after 7.0 and will keep both available for download. There's a huge number of modified 6.1.4 sites and proper patch is surely needed. We'll update the Trac along with 7.0 release with proper roadmaps and bugs-lists to take this into order.
sammie I think this was a timely post and relevant to what's in store for the future.

Thank you.
James we both know the frustration we and others go through, some of us are in a position to fix things ourselves, others are not.

i thought long and hard about posting this thread, and how to word it. and i believe i got the message over to all, and i have now seen the reply that everyone wanted that has invested in mods, and are happy with D6.1

i have seen D7 and tested it, and i can assure you i'll be upgrading my site on the 1st stable core release of D7
thank you unoboonex
i am sure that statement is a hug burden lifted of many 6.1.4 users shoulders.

i really thank you and highly commend you for that statement and reassurance to everyone.

as i stated, i do not want this to affect Dol7, but if we can use this thread to post bug fixes as some are coming out in the forum just now, then maybe that will help to exspidate your final 6.1.5 release.

as i said, a timely release sometime after dol7 2nd or 3rd core bug patches but before modules see more for dol7 would be about the right time.

i have been a great supporter of boonex, and i am not afraid to say my bit when i see things going wrong, i love boonex and dolphin, but i also like to keep boonex on their toes and speak out for the members when needed.

your promise has proven to me that you do care, and again i think you.

sammie xXx
ok all i got one i am new at this but i put in my prod key and now can not log into adim i reinserted the password and username in the database but still no louck
well I agree with you, we did an extensive search on the software and we love it, but we plan on making a substatial investment in this software with modifications. I really would like an idea of what is in Version 7.0 so I get an idea of whether I want to move up.
One of the things that I cannot ever get an answer on is the templates. How do we change the templates to reflect the atmoshere we are trying to present. No one ever answers me on this. I would suggest Boonex that you keep us informed. see more You should not nore would we want you to give out so much your competition gets it. But what I would suggest is a nice list of features. Also my pet peeve is the events do not have an end date, so that they are deleted automatically. But our deveopers can handle that if I need to wait 9 months for a new release.
Maybe a weekly newsletter update would make us all feel a bit more comfortable in what you are doing. I can feel your excitement in the possiblities that is good. But when you share it, it comes across as there not being direction and maybe we will be waiting until the cows come home on the new release.

In the end we have put our faith in your abilities, and want you and all of us to suceed. But just need updates.
emaguire, what's the status of your project? Did you make the jump? We are in the same boat as you were in Feb. We wish to create a well-supported product for a vertical market, but are unable to get a comfortable feeling with 6.1.4 version. This version is buggy, and there is so much talk about Dol7. Today, at least, they promised to release 6.1.5 next week. That's a step in the right direction and I truly believe in what Sammie stated here.
I just wish someone would fix the ff3 flash 10 issue. Maybe this requires reconstruction of the RAY .swf files or something along those lines. The other stuff....the php coding and the mysql fixes are simple in comparison. It appears to me that IE 7 under vista with Flash 10 works fine for most of the widgets.... What's the deal with ff3? As to v. 7.... it's an awfully long time to NOT be doing any work on 6.14 patches. I find 6.14 to be very sufficient to most of my hosting clients needs for see more social networking software, but I am having one heck of a time supporting them and explaining why their customers are unable to utilize the software we installed for them.

Please devote a little time to hearing what your CURRENT customers are saying and fix the few little glitches with 6.14

OK I've said my piece.... (or peace) now let's get 6.14 working fully before we get into all the (god-forbid) post release issues with v. 7

Thanks for post builders do not work in ie7. I am encouraged to see Boonex moving in right direction. 7 looks promising after bugs are fixed. I have invested a great deal of money in 6.1.4. so I am waiting to see how they bridge products.
I must say this is a great relief to hear, ive spent many many hours tinkering with the 6.1.4, and its fast becoming my baby... LOL Im sure 7 will be great, but id like to take my time in upgrading to that, this 6.1.5 will give me that choice. So many thanks.
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