URGENT HELP - License Not Working!!

noman posted 9th of April 2008 in Community Voice. 3 comments.
I bought an add-free license on April 2nd for Dolphin v. 6.0.0005. I set up my site and got everything ready for a launch and just today I went to move it from the development/test directory to it's final directory and now when I log into Dolphin's admin panel, I get a message that says that Dolphin is not unlicensed! I tried to use the license code that I bought but it doesn't seem to be working! Help help. Also, I am unable to load the Ray suite. When I click on the link for it, the popup window loads blank. I am able to log into Orca forums, however.

Development instance was at:


I just moved it to:


I made all the modifications listed in the Help under "I need to transfer my site to another folder/server. What do I need to do?"

Help help.
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License was registered under (for example) foo.com - is that the reason? Is there a way to update the domain associated with the license so that it is (for example) boohoo.foo.com? Whom do I contact??

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Hi guys!

Please, contact me at marketing@boonex.com and provide me with your licenses and the new domain name where you want to use them. I'll help you with this.

Regards, Lyubov.
The turn around in fixing my license problem was superb! Thanks, Lyubov.
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