Unable to get PayPal function working

noman posted 1st of April 2008 in Community Voice. 8 comments.
I'm hoping that someone can help me resolve this. I have successfully set up PayPal under the Payment settings, and I have
the following settings under the Manage Membership Types' Membership Settings section:

Site is running in free mode                                                        = unchecked
Number of days before membership expiration to notify members        = 2
Notify members about membership expiration only once                    =  checked
Membership only (without shopping cart)                                        = checked *
Enable promotional membership                                                   = checked
Number of days for promotional membership                                   = 21

* I try to uncheck the membership only option and save the changes, but it does not save as unchecked but rather retains its checked state.
However, when I log into the site with a test member and click on the "extend membership period" I am presented with the inability to pay for a membership with paypal. The page shows:

Membership Status

(View Allowed Actions)
expires: today at 13:33. (Server time: 20:12

Start date Payment description Period Charges number

[nothing listed here]

How do I modify the settings to enable members to extend their membership via PayPal? Where do I actually set a price for the membership and its duration? Please help, I am trying to go live on Monday!

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Hi Noman

I have the same problem. How did you solve it?
Hi there vinforum,

This is for Dolphin v. 6.0.0005:
Go to your admin panel->Settings->Membership Levels and then under Manage Membership Types, create a new membership. You will then be able to assign pricing to the membership. Make sure to click on the [Inactive] link next to the new membership's name to activate it. It should say [Active] before the name.

For the PayPal aspect, I just followed the instructions given in the "Payment provider setup instructions" link (under see more Settings->Payment Settings).

Hope that helps!
Ok, I have set up my paypal business acct., added a paying membership type, entered my paypal account as a payment type ... but I am still not seeing the page where a new member gets the payment page to join! Please help.
Same here....I have everything enabled (by the book) and yet there's no payment processing going on upon registration.

well there wont be any payment process at signup time...later the user can go to My Membership page, where he can buy the membership...the page is membership.php...before that you should add a membership with its pricing info. Also u would need to give your paypal info...

If you are looking for answers here it's only fair to post back your solution, otherwise you cannot expect any help!

I'm having the same trouble but not finding an answer, it's easy to set up paypal but the call back is not working for me, how did you do it?

http://www.jamestadeo.com/dolphin/ do a site search for paypal.
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