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martinboi posted 9th of October 2010 in Community Voice. 14 comments.

Hey, I've worked for a month straight on overhauling and re-writing the Dolphin Subscriptions Module and I just wanted to make an announcement that it is finally finished.


The reason I completely re-worked it is that there were too many minor issues that came up for different sites, that were solely because my coding style was different from Dolphin's.  There were many functions and features of the module that were basically skipping over things Dolphin 7 already has built into it, and causing alot of little bugs and issues.

There are a few new features and overall it's a much more stable and reliable version.  It interacts with Dolphin's membership system, menu system, email system, alert system and error system in a "language" Dolphin recognizes, and this eliminates alot of hiccups and other hard to find bugs in the code.

Because of the time I spent on this and because it's really a much better version of the module, I raised it's price to $119.  Which still isn't that bad for what you get out of the module, and is alot cheaper than hiring someone to add the features that are built in. :)

Do I want to make a little bit of money for the time I spent on it?  Of course I do, but that isn't my main goal. I really take alot of pride in my work and I want to continue to expand and develop this into something very useful for Dolphin 7 Community sites.

A few features I'm looking to adding are:

  • A completely Dolphin 7 Integrated Affiliate system that will work with the membership buttons, and other affiliate based programs
  • More specific and detailed content control

I'm also open to suggestions and feature requests for development, if anybody has any ideas they wanna share...


So anyways, I just wanted to share the updates and progress we're making with the module say thanks to everyone who purchased it.







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Add the micro-payment system.
It would be better.
Instead of raising the price and adding tons of features you should keep the same price and create addons for the module. You will make more money that way. Subscriptions = $95.00

Affiliate = 50
other addon = 50

instead of $119.00
you make $195.00 and everyone is happy
It's worth the 119.00. Great Mod.
Great module for sure... I'm gonna buy it very soon.... You should focus on adding more payment gateways. That is a real lack in Dolphin...
Paypal, 2CO, AlertPay is ok, but it would be best with :
Moneybooker, Cashrun, RBSWorldPay, Authorize, Chronopay, Paypoint.... etc...

Thanks for your work
Very good point. I'm adding authorize right now, and will look into some of the others. Thanks for your interest
I need PayFast urgently please. Please inbox me with a quotation.
Authorize is a very common one, and moneybookers is the second merchant processor in the world after paypal. As said before, if you do plug ins to your main module instead of rising the price it would be best. People would be able to choose what they need, and I'm sure you would make more money this way too....

In my case for example, I would buy the full package, but if in 2 months I got issues with alertpay and paypal, then I would buy a moneybooker addon, etc....
paulo rodrigues
alertpay is adult friendly and is something some of us need! with the reoccurring or subscription added it's a great payment gateway and is a must....
I wonder if you can add hours feature for subscription besides the no. of days; which is already there?
As advised I removed the Dolphin payment module. This meant I also had to remove the Dolphin Store module. Can I re-install the Store module and will your subs. module work with it?

Is there a more capable store module out there? The D7 store module is terrible.

Your Subscription module works very well, I am well impressed!
paulo rodrigues
would love to see a payment gateway for alertpay that works with the store or any other item that could be sold on D7 such as the store and other payment type mods....would also love to see an banner advertisement mod that uses alertpay as a payment....the adult sites are stuck without one...
I've been reading about the features of this mod.. but I have one question.. if there a feature in place to keep people from generating fake profiles and getting paid? Is it even possible to keep that from happening?
I hardly miss micropayments (pay by sms) with your subscription module as its the only payment method used in eastern europe.LIke smscoin.com
I need a PayFast option added in this mod. Can you help please. You may inbox me with a quote.
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