Version 6.2 for when?

totallyfreak posted 21st of June 2008 in Community Voice. 5 comments.

i read on a previous post from the boonex team that they work hard for a version 6.2 very soon... i just wondering when they expect to release it... because im waiting for some feature from a long time... before officially lauch my website... the video and mp3 category by example.. and the photo upload on join page....

so it is possible to have a average date... in august? or later?


and by the way i got some problem with the ajax login form... its appear completly at the top left of the page... so you dont see it right....

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im wondering from where you got this information.
Just look at your OWN post, there you got the answer from Andrey.
and i got some problem with the 6.1.2
since i did the upgrade.... i see _day_of_5
for each date show into the forum or into the site news....or groups... everywhere with a date show...
well i will have to check on another post... im sure that i read that the next version will not take as much time that it take for the version 6.1 to come
Don't have a clue about version 6.2, but 6.1x barely came out what a month or 2 ago. So I wouldn't expect to see it real soon. Who knows though.

The _day_of_5 things as far as I can tell are related to the /inc/classes/bxdolarticles.php, bxdolclassifieds.php, bxdolblogs.php, bxdolevents.php changes that were made from 6.1.1.

I don't know that it's a fix, but using the files above from 6.1.1 with 6.1.2 seems to resolve the date issue, but in the process of doing this I don't know if it has see more any impact on anything else. It seems to be fine, but will require more testing to know for sure.
they need to sort out a patch for 6.1.2 before they start 6.2
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