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LightWolf posted 12th of February 2010 in Community Voice. 7 comments.

I have searched all over the trac, tickets that have been fixed and tickets yet to be fixed. I don't know it may be me, but I did not see any ticket to fix the comments video and voice recording. If my members wanted to create a video profile, it will not record their voice. Now this is a very IMPORTANT feature for daters, and not many have this yet, so why is this 1 feature never been fixed? Cause I have never been able to use it yet. There are no issues with sound from a downloaded video, just trying to use the comments and video recorder. Is it even hooked up? Please Boonex, this is a VERY IMPORTANT issue we need solved.

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I am able to record video and sound with no problems. I have seen other posts about possible codec issues but I havent ran into this problem on my site.... yet.. I will try to keep a look out though.
Well dang it Zarcon, aren't you the lucky
lightwolf, i think that many are able to record a profile video and leave a video comment on the wall. i think one of the chief complaints i am hearing is about video resolution and time delay in voice and video.

Well if you search forums, a lot still have this issue DosDawg besides me hon.
I can get any t o work at moment where do i get licence from to register
Hi all,

I am having the same issue regarding video comments, it says that we need to register. Where do we register, and where do we get the key to register ?

Your help will be highly appreciated.


You must register in the admin section of your dolphin site. You can get license in your account here on unity.
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