Warning! Modules language Recompile Languages, Hard work down the drain!

clubbeyourself posted 2nd of June 2010 in Community Voice. 2 comments.

Hi All

Wanted to warn you all that if you have changed any of the languages on your site that pertain to modules (as I did).

eg.  I changed the News Module to Offers by changing the language keys.

I then decided to install another module and thought to myself, oooh I need to recompile the languages for the modules (without a second thought) I proceeded to do select all, recompile languange(s) thinking doesn't hurt to do them all.

How wrong I was...  I now have caused the News Module to revert back to the titles, etc of News instead of Offers like I had changed it too.

Ok, No biggie really I can just go back and do it all over again but what a royal pain and time waster (time is precious for us all).

So in conclusion, let this be a warning to you all, don't just select all and go.  Think before you press that button.

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There is a easy and safe way to change language keys for the modules. Go into modules\boonex\modulename\install\langs and edit the en.php file.

Then go into admin and recompile for whatever module you changed and your done. Its then is safe to recompile anytime you need to. This is actually what happens when a module language is recompiled. It reads the contents of the file in the modules install folder which is what caused your over write problem.

However when upgrading to a new version of see more dolphin, those language files get over written by any that have been updated, so you should keep a backup of them.
That has never happened to me but thanks for the warning.
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