What are your plans with Boonex RMS?

shaneed posted 10th of July 2008 in Community Voice. 20 comments.

I bought licenses for Video chat, Video player, video recorder, messenger but is not working using the free RMS from Boonex. Mostly is offline, mostly shows "Connecting..." or "Loading...". And this is going on for few months already, but i was waiting thinking that maybe you are working on it. So i cannot use ANY of these. If i try to upload a small 2MB video file, is uploading and then "Undefined" error. You must do something about it, because i don't like this situation. I had patience few months and waited for the RMS to work, but no... USELESS! No chat, no video player, no video recorder or messenger working. So can someone from Boonex can give attention also to the free RMS of Boonex? And yes, i have the Ad-Free version, with the Ad-Free licenses .

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if you bought licenses then its for the ad free verion, and you cant use the boonex RMS, you have to install your own, or rent the use of one from a member that has one installed
So, you mean if i have Ad-Free Version and Ad-Free licenses, i cannot use the free RMS? Wow, that's really great. And i'm not sure i understood the renting thing. :) You mean to use a server from another member that has it's own RMS and point it to his server? If yes, how can i find someone to rent? Thanks for your reply.
yes the ad free version and ad free licenses only work on your own or private RMS, the free boonex RMS is for the ad supported uses only.

people like myself with dedicated servers have the RMS, cyberXing has RMS for rent too so does dosdawg i think.
the free boonex RMS is for the ad supported uses only?? I have free version, but can not connect RMS. What can I do to??
I will take a look over it. Thanks for sharing.
you are welcome anytime.
one of the major problems with dolphin users is hosting. Their choice of hosting in 80% of cases is what causes them problems when they try to use the Dolphin script.

There are about 20 core members here that have dolphin sites running on dedicated servers and some on VPS's.
The ones with dedicated servers are the ones that really know their stuff. some have even more than one server and have started a hosting service for dolphin sites.

Those guys are the ones to see more seek out and talk to, they are the ones that have their servers setup just for dolphin, and so have their servers already pre-configured to run dolphin.

like me, they pay $220+ a month for a server, and we can not compete with shared hosting prices or resources, we can not give unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, but we can give you space on a server where dolphin works and where you have the use of the RMS installed on the server.

to me this is the most valuable thing you can get, also, as we are the people that run our own dolphin sites on our dedicated servers, we are there to help you too.
The things is that im on shared hosting and this is just for a while. Because i do not want to invest such amount if not needed yet. I just signed up for an RMS connectionf rom Cyberxing and paid it. I just want Ray to work, and later if my website cannot handle the traffic anymore, i will switch to dedicated server if i have an income from this. Because i spent lots of money for mods not compatible with other versions, and many other stuff, but my website is not running yet and i don't get any profit, see more i only spend.
sweetie, we all spend, dolphin has cost me in access of $4000 and all i have made back is about $165 from adsense and about $300 from work for people.
and about $200 donations from some of my members

i do this for a hobby, not for the money.

cyberxing also does hosting and will do a lot for you, if you take up his hosting. too,. he is a star and a great guy, so you wont go wrong with him.
Glad to hear your feedback about cyber. That means i'm in good hands. I'm not expecting to get rich with this, but just to cover my expanses and to be able to buy myself a beer in town from it, would be perfect. I got arguments with my family because of my time dedicated to dolphin. So at least i want to cover my expanses.
a word about cyberxing
He is one of the most respected people here, and i am almost sure that if you took up his hosting he would help you with your mods too.

i cant say he will do everything for free, but i am sure he'll give you a good price or give free advice on what can and cant be used on bringing your site up to date with the latest version and your present mods.

talk to him he is very nice and sincere open and honest.

there are only a few people i turn to when i am stuck:
AndreyP see more
boonex staff
to me the above are the most trusted and knowledgeable people on here they are not listed in any order of preference or anything, each has wisdom and special knowledge on the things i dont.
isnt double postin like supposed to be something of a taboo on here? whats up sammie spammie?

thanks sammie for the props, but you double posted. whats up?

busting your shoes,
i messed up the edit and it posted it again with the change.
This cyberxing is very good but I already get one from my own hosting site.
I am using free software and planning to get Ad free version this coming month.... What Do I need to do?

I am very novice in the script and I am afraid for the problems in future
I got RMS with cyberxing, but can not get in contact with them, I can not get loged in, even that payment went trough. Does anyone know how to get in contact with them, other then using support@cyberxing.com that opens a ticket ok, but give no reply.

Thank for any help
Interesting.. i didn't know everything about RMS... can some one explain what i need to ask my Hosting administrator to allow me (multimedia stream? or something else) i am not good in this.

I have problem, my video recorder don't work and video.
But when i check the box RMS in ray base settings... then chat and video don't work.
Please if someone can answer me those question:

-What settings on my server do i need to get this working( i have one server for life time, and i don't have money see more for new hosting).
-RMS detailed explain and how to install my own.
-Tutorial for installation of RMS...
-And if i setup my hosting, does DOlphin install rms by it self, while installation progress of script Dolphin. Or usually every time i install dolphin, i need to install RMS seperated in SSH shell.
Hello there

Does anyone know of an RMS server that can be used for testing the new Dolphin 6.1.6?

Best regards Laurits
Just use this hosting http://lanjut.in/denikahosting they offer free RMS hosting in their package for as cheap as $4 per month. And their after sales service is great.
is the boonex rms still working with D7?
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