What do you think about akismet.com service

mallorca posted 26th of November 2009 in Community Voice. 6 comments.

After theer was again massive hacking attempts stopped:

SCRIPT_FILENAME: /home/yourmy/public_html/contact.php
REQUEST_URI: /contact.php
SCRIPT_NAME: /contact.php
PHP_SELF: /contact.php

I looked for a future solution and found this: akismet.com

See what they do, who already use it and how it can be implemented to Dolphin.

What do you guys think about the akismet.com service? From there website:

Can Akismet be used for other things besides WordPress?

Absolutely. The Akismet API can be adapted for almost any
application with submitted content, including forums, wikis, and
contact forms. If you want to adapt it for a different system, please
join our development community.



We love developers. Lurve! If you want to develop the Akismet
plugin or on top of the Akismet API, the best first step is to join the
Spam Stoppers mailing list where all the magic happens.

If you want to get in touch with the Akismet team in a more personal fashion, go ahead and use the contact form.
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Looks like a good product. I'm not sure it could be adapted to the most common form of spamming Dolphin sites, which is the creation of spammer profiles and PM spamming. To stop this would mean Askimet would have to be tied to the join form. It would not be feasible, or advisable to filter every single PM. If Askimet could be made to work with the join form and stop spammers from joining your site, I'd definitely support the effort.
Sure you are right Houston!
And because they give them self really developer friendly, there is maybe a basis to talk to them. Maybe someone from the Team of Boonex will check this out. It seems like some other applications have still good success. Sure will be control over spam profiles starting from join page a maximum to archive and the end target. But when I remember the guestbook problems with 6.1, the attacks they try now to the contact form, the forums and blogs who are used just from time see more to time for spammy actions, this akismet service can may take control over all that anyway and give more security. To create a plugin is not that hard I think, and then we can maybe grow with them to the highest possible level. Not to forget, there service is general free. Maybe we get some attention from team to look into this. Anyway, it is just an idea, "powered" by the hope of a more stress free community ....
I know about it from joomla sites. Not sure if it is as good as it sounds.
I forget about the details, but I think I tried it and had a lot of headache.
It's not mature yet. Needs a lot of work I think.
Thanks for the answer Elcentcom.
Don't know how old your experience is, but maybe it is a way to start instead of doing nothing really, against that Spammer.
Maybe these guys are somewhere in the same situation as Dolphin and Boonex? Time to grow together?!
Just give up and close our sites more and more because spammer, cant be the only solution.
Some wordpress bloggers like akismet. It does do away with a lot of spam, but it is extremely sensitive. It likes to block a lot of legit stuff too. If I remember right you can sort of teach it to learn, what the success rate of this is though I don't know. There are several others out there that are not as sensitive and do a good job with spam. A lot of them are buggy though.

I wouldn't mind seeing something like this though in the future. It might even be nice to see it happen or tested here see more at unity. How many times are things posted here that are obvious spam and they sit up here for an extended amount of time before someone finally removes it.
Thank you for the information Gameutopia.

Maybe there is something better out, Boonex can try. I don't know.
But to test any solution here on Unity will be a great idea. Especially after Unity is merged to D7!
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