What is the easiest and Fastest Way to Add a Lot of Additional Pages?

mspointe posted 11th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 5 comments.
Hi, everyone?  I am new to Dolphin and need to add over 100 additional pages to my site that I am trying out Dolphin for the first time.  After a good bit of e-researching, I finally find one way to adding on new pages --- but with a lot of steps involved.  Is there any quick, short way to add additional pages to one's site --- while preferably also being able to add those new pages automatically to the menu?

Please feel free to e-me directly at director@dancinghomeschool.com in reference to Boonex products.

Thanks in Advance,
Jennifer/Ms. Pointe
Founder of Dancing Homeschool
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i sent you an email, but this is a manual procedure on dolphin at this time. as most community sites start out on the lower level of content and get built up. you have a massive amount of pages that you wish to add, and that is going to require some work.

I need this info too, will you please send it to me?
Thanks, I got your e-reply.
Hi, can I ask for the process of this too? thanks
I to need to add a lot of pages, but i need to call on data for each page. Any ideals for a template?
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