When Will Dolphin Android Mobile Be Released?

zorro posted 26th of December 2010 in Community Voice. 8 comments.

Does anyone know when Dolphin's  Android Mobile will Be Released? I am looking for the private package as well to brand as my own on a future project I will be working on. It seems to me that Google is moving at a high rate of speed and well on there way to showing Apple a thing or two:-)


Apple still stuck in the proprietary world and Dolphin Open source and yet still no Android Mobile...! Hummmm Why is this? We all have heard talk about it but when? Can anyone share some updates.


I here things about new version of Dolphin 8 we still don't have all the bells and whistles like Android Mobile working in 7 versions yet. Please respond Boonex:-)


Here is good article showing where Android is now and where its going:-) http://www.theandroidphone.com/android-news/android-growth-continues-another-chart-showing-the-os-market-share/


By the way just in case there are some not paying attention out there. Everything is headed MOBILE...! And its going to get there fast..!  It would seem that Android and Iphone are the leaders right now. Better get both working REAL FAST...! Business folks out here need to ride that wave coming in:)



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Android App for Dolphin 7 is near completion. Beta of this app will be presented approx in January.
Thanks AlexT

I have a couple androids and the android sdk if you need early testing of the app....

Thank you, I think that we will be able to put it to android market to allow more users to test it.
Sounds good. I'll test as soon as it goes live. Thanks. I am sure its almost complete but if you could make it so users can watch videos without being on other friends list that would be cool. Just like browse photos on the iphone app but for videos. As it stands now i had to go into the database and add myself as a friend to view my own videos on the iphone app.

just a thought but i am sure its to late now.

I think that the iphone App should be improved before release any new platform
Does this mean that once Android is ready that the Windows Mobile app will be started?
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