Woody Allen has the Answer!

Stuart038 posted 5th of March 2010 in Community Voice. 7 comments.

Woody Allen

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There's a movie about this.
Spot on! Let's all reverse! I'm sure there's a parallel dimension where the laws of nature are inverted. Any hoppers onboard?
Nathan Paton
I'd actually explain to you all why his reasoning makes no sense in scientific form, but that would ruin the whole joke.
Yea, you would for example have to have alcohol generated in your stomach after sucking in urine from the toilet, combine it with ingredients in your liver, and have it come out of your mouth into countless bottles that are sent to grocery stores, where people walk backwards to pick up money and leave items, from where the bottles are sent back to factory and separated into basic ingredients that are then returned back to the nature.

Ultimately we all implode into a singularity (unity?) where see more time and space are zero. I actually like the concept of total reversal much more than Woody's simplistic take on it, if we are to get down to business and start reversing things around.
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