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DolphinTemplate posted 16th of November 2010 in Community Voice. 13 comments.

I recently came across this website (maybe it's older but I don't have so much spare time to look for similar sites) which might seem as a innocent dolphin module developer, but the way they are doing business and the secrecy around it made me more curious.


They offer payed memberships monthly to give you access to hacked and stealed modules, templates, language files and so on. They also mention they do updates to all of them.


So fellow developers and designers, your creations have got in the hands of a large scale warez site.


Boonex you can also help here, making preasure on arvixe, I think it's time for you to protect the people that creates diversity and adds quality to your software!


Update1: I have sent 3 DMCA complaints, the first one about 8 hours ago and I haven't received anything back from them..


Update2: Thanks to Andrew and the website has been deleted.

We should keep an eye from now on for the same domain and for similar ones. If we don't take attitude we will find ourselves in a vicious circle that can only discourage the existing developers to continue and maybe the ones that are thinking to start making creative stuff to enrich and bring diversity for all our communities..

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Andrew Boon
We will surely try to investigate it and force the site's close-down if warez is indeed the case. We have troubles proving it though. Any chance you have specific evidence? Have you had account with them?

Arvixe, per se, is a reputable hosting company and they may not be aware of this being a warez site.
Andrew Boon
Just a note: they may be reselling Unity modules, but it hardly a viable business model. if you think of it - most users buy modules with their "backing" support and upgrade potential. There's no way to get this with a warez site, plus there's a risk of getting modules with build-in security backdoors. Only the most stupid and sneaky would buy this, and if they do - they would well deserve what they'd get - a bunch of problems.
I don't plan to make an account with them.. I am not out of my mind.. this would look as a donation for their "efforts" to make this a "better world".. but I'm sure that arvixe can check the content of the website.. Thanks Andrew for taking notice of this!
BTW I think there is no developer out here that provides such a vast palette of dolphin products and I bet they don't know 10 languages on perfection..
How do you know that is the site owner? I have an account with them. I have had no problems with them.. When I did, they fix it fast. Some one might have got a domain from them. I don't really think it is the hosting company at fault.. Who ever is leasing the space off them are..
You can easily find who is hosting any website - this is just the simplest method..
Nathan Paton
Arvixe aligns itself with anyone who pays the right amount of money. I doubt they'd even know about a site like this and it's actual content, or the legalities behind it. That said, I actually can't find where it says they're "partnered" with Arvixe. Where exactly is this said on the site?
I think you all are missing DolphinTemplate's point completely. What is being said is Arvixe should NOT allow warez site's on their server and they do. Obvious he got a response from Arvixe and their take on this site was just that they did not own it. Now are they going to do something about this since they are recommended for Dolphin customers? Well if they do not in such expected time, then yes a boycott would be a way to get them to step up to the plate. But give them time to take actions see more first.
I can understand your concern. Google cache indicated they have your Firestarter, Nightlife, and Friends templates. My best guess is that the website owner is in Turkey,

Arvixe should hand over any information they have on the criminals running this site. They are probably not stupid enough to host the actual downloads on Arvixe servers, but you never know.
Andrew Boon
Arvixe agreed to ban this site from their hosting. They actually collaborated very pro-actively on this one with us. Things like that happen, adies and gentlemen, but don't worry much - hardly anyone would pay for non-supported, risky, potentially insecure files from dodgy provider, even if they move on to another host and start over. We'll be chasing them anyway, though.
As a Dolphin user I will only buy mods, templates etc from the developers directly or on unity market.
Its easy to find a 'quick bargain' if you want something pirated, but if your website is aimed at being ongoing, an income earner, or something you want to be as easy to manage as possible, then the support you get from developers is the most valuable thing to own.

I produce videos and have thousands pirated so I know what it feels like to be ripped off...

Will only ever buy legit content see more for my Dolphin sites!
I just joined boonex recently..I am looking for a reputable developer for a unique template, some to fine-tune my site how do i got about that as it seems most dophin empowered platform looks same.
@ simzbor
Gorpus it's your man for design your template! Good luke!
Dolphin Template has NO SUPPORT for their templates! Even though he claims he offers "unlimited support" and "free customization tips" "within 24 hours", that is a total lie!! He takes your money, then disappears!!

I have tried for TWO WEEKS to get help with an error message and to tell me how to change font colors (simple stuff) ... yet NINE emails, and NO RESPONSE!! I even asked for a refund, since I cannot get help and this template has caused error with my site, see more but still NO RESPONSE. I have now filed a claim with PayPal to get my money back.

I have now wasted over TWO WEEKS on getting my membership site running, which has caused a loss of money to me too.

Save your money and your time ... DON'T purchase templates from Dolphin Template ... he does NOT offer support, as he promises all over his website. He just takes your money, then you're on your own with the template problems ...
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