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I have agreed on a commercial banner on another site for my little project Bad Boy Dating. The agreement is over a 7 months period and the price for that period is about $4.166,66. I have decided to begin a process of removing Facebook login, Facebook Inviter etc for several reasons: No-one really uses Facebook connect and the ones who do, never revisits my site. The more I think about Facebook, the more it annoys me. It about time to forget about Facebook.


I do hope I get something out of my investment. If it fails, its not necessary the script. If I loose all of money, I just have been chosing the wrong site to place an Ad.


I recently spent $2.142,85 on a radio commercial with Radio NRJ Denmark. It gave 55 new members! Awful. Again. Wrong media to have Ads at. Sometimes it would be nice to talk to webmasters who suceeded greatly, but for some reason, they don't want to share on how to gain succes. It is a long way, but I won't quit. I do this because I believe... I really want to be succesful with my community...

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4k i would go with google
I tried Google once with another project using Adwords, it failed and my money slipped out of my account like that.

How should I use Google, you think?
I have used the membership vouchers mod for $30 and over the last frew days it has brought me a similar amout of members. It is worth looking into.
Hello Dr.

Well I am planning to use that mod too, but I want to get a "massive" member database before I do it. Then I plan to equip some of my members with voucher codes that they can give to new members like: I have an great offer to you - use this code and you'll get a 35 % discount or so. But first more members. What do think about that?
We are going to use it in a similar fassion because of the way the dance industry is structured it is ideal. We can track the codes and pay a % of the profits.

But... in order to populate, you can drop codes into large groups on facebook for FREE memberships.

We have a promo video that we put into groups on FB along with a code for FREE membership.
Guess I know too little about Groups and Facebook... But it is definitely something worth paying attention to. I'll think about it, and then probably buy the module.
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