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I have used the membership vouchers mod for $30 and over the last frew days it has brought me a similar amout of members. It is worth looking into.
Hello Dr.

Well I am planning to use that mod too, but I want to get a "massive" member database before I do it. Then I plan to equip some of my members with voucher codes that they can give to new members like: I have an great offer to you - use this code and you'll get a 35 % discount or so. But first more members. What do think about that?
We are going to use it in a similar fassion because of the way the dance industry is structured it is ideal. We can track the codes and pay a % of the profits.

But... in order to populate, you can drop codes into large groups on facebook for FREE memberships.

We have a promo video that we put into groups on FB along with a code for FREE membership.
Guess I know too little about Groups and Facebook... But it is definitely something worth paying attention to. I'll think about it, and then probably buy the module.
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