Android App v.1.8 Beta

AlexT posted 7th of July 2013 in News. 4 comments.

This is preview of Beta version of Dolphin Mobile App for Android.

This version has several bugs fixed and we have added some interesting new features:

  • Videos upload
  • New design with ActionBar
  • New Google Maps API v.2 for Android + current location detection improvements
  • New Android devices support (with software keys)
  • Friends and media files delete confirmation
  • Ability to send friend request to private profiles
Dolphin Android App v.1.8 beta with video upload


This version is available for testing only, you can download it, test and report any bugs for this version in forums:


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Hello, are the upgrades free for those that buy the license?
Yes, all following upgrades at this time are free for the mobile apps and dolphin web based as well.
How about forums integration?
Yes, Forums! and Events would be great. Usually an event is at a location so having that information at your fingertips would be great. The current functionality doesn't seem to appeal to many. Plenty of downloads, but little or zero use because of limited functionality.
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