BOONEX Flash developer gone

videoduma posted 12th of June 2011 in Community Voice. 2 comments.


Only one flash developer - boonex; and that`s gone.

Why still do you let Rayz sell his products in market WITHOUT any support, answers.

AND how could you develop Dolphin without any flash developer AND highlight Videochat and videomessenger functinos while these applications are outdated, plugins not working not support no improve...



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"applications are outdated" i'm agree i hope in dolphin 8 it will change it with best design and more feature...
Can you list the features that don't work in flash applications?
Also provide us with the features you want to see in these applications.
I beleive there are some other sections for these issues available on the site - use the trac system at
You can report bugs or offer new features there.
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