Boonex is a PayPal Partner! Now what?

Andrew Boon posted 6th of October 2015 in Boonex News. 9 comments.

We are officially a PayPal Partner now (for PayPal North America Partnership program). What it means for DolphinPro users is that we will now have better and more tools to improve PayPal products in Dolphin, track any issues and fine-tune Dolphin to make PayPal work seamlessly. 


In further updates we plan to focus more on e-commerce and payment aspects of DolphinPro. The goal is to equip Dolphin web-masters with every possible tool that makes a site lucrative. We realise that our success depends on your success!


What would you suggest in terms of better payments? What would you like to see in 7.3 that would make it a better revenue-generating platform?


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I would love to see integration of Paypal Payment Pro inside Boonex Dolphin Pro.

That would be really great on top of the normal Papal payments.

Best regards

One of new features in Dolphin 7.2 is PayPal Pro integration as new module: PayPal PayFlow Pro
We will publish instructions on how to set it up soon (hopefully this week).
Fantastic!! I am looking forward to it.

Best regards

Casal Pimenta
Hello Andrew Boon ,

You need to remember that Dolphin is in many countries .
My site is in Brazil for adults , paypal does not accept this, and there are difficulties with the currency .
Payment module should be able to be configured as a virtual store shopping cart.
So you could choose which payment company and confirgurar use the data for payment and receipt . Regards
Andrew Boon
Yes, true. We plan to integrate OmniPay library soo, which will allow a whole array of payment gateways.
PayPal Adaptive Payments if it has not already been done. The idea is that members can generate revenue and the site owners get a percentage.
I would like to see an affiliate marketing module which allowed users to make money by promoting each others products. The affiliate marketing commission could come from the site owner's transaction fees or from the member selling the product, or from both. The members could earn affiliate commissions on the site as well as by posting links to other sites. I think this would really help to drive traffic and create revenue for site owners.
I cannot get it to work, Paypal keeps saying I have the wrong email address but I have the same email address for the site admin and the paypal account. I don't see another place to add an email address in the admin in the payment modules.

What am I doing wrong?

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