boonex callbacks causing hosting providers a headache

sammie posted 14th of January 2009 in Community Voice. 14 comments.

Dear Boonex

i would like to address the problem about Dolphin and the Boonex callbacks that Dolphin makes to the Boonex servers.

Hosting providers are taking the flack for problems these callback cause peoples sites, when its the fault of Boonex not the hosting providers.

every time you login to your admin panel it makes a callback to boonex to check licensing, when the Boonex servers are running this takes less than a second. But as over the last 2 days, when the boonex servers have been down, this then takes 45 seconds.

footers also appear on adfree sites, and crazy error messages also appear in Ray e.i. "you have 323 unregistered widgets" or chat stops working. these are issues hosting providers are getting bugged for when its really nothing  to do with their services, but Boonex callbacks.

i suggest that callbacks are changed to a once a week only and if the connection fails within 5 seconds the callback is defered for another 7 days and the admin page loads, not wait 45 seconds, i run a succesful and busy site and login to admin 50+ times a day, i dont want to waste 30 minutes of my life waiting for failed callbacks to load all day.

The footers popping up because Boonex is down is really unacceptable, given that its the professional webmasters that pay top dollar for their sites and hosting, it is really unacceptable that their sites revert back to a cheap looking free version because Boonex has server issues.

i would like to know what can be done to address this.

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I have been telling this since version 6.0 :) well i guess its time for boonex to make changes on this callback.
Sammy, I also totally agree with you, the callbacks are a real pain in the neck, if they could be changed to once a week or so this would be so much better.
Yeah. I was thinking about bashing Hostforweb, where and are located. Recently, these sites seem to just disappear for hours at a time.

.... and this is the company that has banner ads plastered all over my site?
This is just a suggestion but if you have legally paid for the licenses then you can modify the code in any way you want (except remove the headers with the boonex info)... so if you are running a licensed site why not just remove the call backs completely?
Go ahead and try that one :-)

ofcourse it has been done, but it makes for very sloppy outcome.

I am sure things will be different soon...


Yep, the fact, the sites were down for 2 times and the down time was no longer than 1 or 2 hours each time.

In first case Apache went down all of a sudden. We could not find out why. And, in the second case HFW team has suspended account by mistake. They have sent their apologies for this mistake. Hopefully, they will be more attentive with the things like suspension.

We hear you and pay great attention to your words. We have discussed this issue and considered that callback system needs changes see more and improvements. They will be implemented in the upcoming new version of Dolphin.
Sorry Victor that was this week, last week I could not enter the site for over 5 hours, now with that said, that was from when I first tried in the morning, so chances are it was down much longer, as a Smartpro user we are very close to dumping Boonex altogether we have licenses to over software & have been in development for the past 18 months with our main site (Fully Custom) we are just testing differnet app's for the community side.

D7 & Sammie's point along with your reply is a welcome see more sign. However Andew's statement's, and said before they were made on this site (Boonex) about D7 being weeks away stated at the start of Nov 2008 still raises reason for our concern, as they say loose lip's sink ships, if you have nothing to say, the don't say it.

My 2 cents worth

Please specify what do you mean under you statement "I could not enter the site".

If you could not enter your site for over 5 hours then you should look at your hosting or other places to find the reason why your site was unreachable.

The callback is sent when you are entering Dolphin Administration panel and it times out in 1 minute or so. The callback does not influence on the whole site operation in anyway from the user side.

As for your concerns, Sammie has see more reported about the problem providing the arguments from the webmaster point of view. As the whole licensing system is supposed to change in D7, but the callback system was supposed to be the same. So, Sammie's arguments have forced us to re-consider callback system in order not to bring up any inconveniences with it.

So, what is wrong in my first statement above?
Thank you Victor
I know its not always your Fault, as you pointed out HFW caused one of them. but if its not addressed now before something drastic happens and boonex is down for 12 hours or more then taking down 20,000 dolphin sites with you is not a good idea.

Glad you are going to make the changes in Dolphin 7

Sammie x
I find it interesting that my comment/reply to this thread is no longer here - yet I have not received any replies to questions asked, even after paying for product. will have comments that can't be censored
Thanks sammie for raising this issue -- as our clients were having same admin section slow issue and they going mad behind us... :((
I just had this experience today where I purchased Dolphin Ad free licences and found Dolphin Ads displaying on my site today. Not impressed. This should not happen when a customer has paid for ad free licencing. Not even for a second should this happen.

Directassist -

I had the same issue at first then i read that you have to uninstall your site, and reinstall it with the ad-free download veriosn of dolphin from boonex. I am guessing that this was to keep people from "hacking" into places they didnt need to be. Any how, check it out. If you still have issues, let me know. Happy hunting.
totally agree on this one, callbacks should actually be done one and if it has a permanent license, don't need more callbacks ^-^ and if its a temporary, it should do as you say, check... with short timeout yep yep
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