chat admin? admin users?

bambie posted 14th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 4 comments.
I have installed new dolphin, and there is no chat admin. any answers? how do i set admins ect? has any one else had this issue?
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In fact, i have tryed runing upgrade. And with no luck, and i have tryed to install new version fresh, and i get errors all over the site. 99% thinking of using another script.
i posted about this two weeks ago, that there was no admin in the Ray 3.5 AV Chat. hell i cant even use AV Chat, cuz it wont connect to RMS. i think the patch is supposed to fix some of these issues, i am scared of the patch now, as i have the site running decently and RMS is not connecting and at this point, it really doesnt matter.

PS mrpowless says none are connecting to the RMS 3.5

Hi, re Ray widgets not working on my site. It appears Ray could not read the 'skins' files. This was a .htaccess problem.

Reason - some servers suggest .htaccess file not as hidden and try to work with it instead swf skin files. So you can change next string in ray/global/inc/ file from this:

$aWrongExtensions = array("php", "asp", "php5");


$aWrongExtensions = array("php", "asp", "php5", "htaccess", see more "");
hi my chat admin had been working fine all the sudden it stopped. when i click on A/V Chat > Admin i get this messagge Forbidden

you dont have permission to access /ray/modules/chat/app/admin.swf
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