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squirrelrancher posted 14th of June 2010 in Community Voice. 3 comments.

I am excited about the potential of having a D7 site!  i have had wonderful customer service from Mike, my agent!  i have had my share of "challenges" but those are expeted with any new software, though i am VERY dissapointed in the way my RMS works, it doesnt.  i will work through this challenge as well with mike and John ( my host & installer ) he has done a great Job too, i recomend BOTH of these people Mike at Boonex and John at terabyte-hosting for anyone just getting started or experts already, both Stand up men and great customer service!

i would appreciate any input and or advice i can get on here.  dont worry, i know i am no expert! i am here to learn as much as i can so that one day i will be!


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Hey Squirrel, welcome to the community.

Dolphin is quite a unique script and unlike anything else you may have used before, it takes some getting used to. It's not without its fair share of quirks and bugs, but the product is improving all of the time. Help is available but mostly community provided, so as long as you've got a little patience, you'll probably manage to fix everything you need to eventually.

You're also in good hands with Dos Dawg, it would surprise me if he cannot fix your see more RMS issues.

Good Luck with your site.

i believe he will get tht RMS fixed too, and i believe he has been working on it, i am hoping that he isnt having some "out of the ordinary" challengs in dointg it is all. I really like Mike and John BOTH and they have both worked hard for me and or on my behalf! i am just hoping that the RMS is going to be fixed rather soon as it is very imoprtant in our site.

the squirrel dude is all squared away. i was handicapped for a few days, no internet in my travels.

thanks Dee for the kind words and positive assertion. and thank you squirrel for your positive feedback as well.

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