Dolphin 7.1.2 Released!

AlexT posted 9th of May 2013 in News. 12 comments.

Dolphin 7.1 is proving to be a success story and we are committed to strengthening it by a succession of service updates, like the one we are presenting today - Dolphin 7.1.2. As you may see in the list of improvements and fixes, this version has a list of very useful improvements and security fixes, so we strongly recommend upgrading your sites as soon as you can. 


What New in Dolphin 7.1.2



Enhancements for developers: 

  • New alerts in admin side:

        system - admin_db_backup_actions

        system - admin_db_backup_page

        system - admin_modules_actions

        system - admin_modules_page

        system - admin_templates_actions

        system - admin_templates_tabs

        system - admin_templates_blocks_add

        system - admin_menu

        system - admin_modules_buttons

        system - admin_modules_buttons

  • New injections in admin side, similar to injection is user side
  • New parameter for timeline/outline service method to filter data by module



  • #3098 Wrong encoding in some files was fixes
  • #3089 Members count in admin side was incorrect sometimes
  • #3101 Comment posting characters count didn't work sometimes
  • #3110 Checkboxes didn't work correctly in mailbox
  • #3113 Hardcoded bold style in mainmenu was removed
  • #3114 Nickname field was removed from profile edit page by default
  • #3116 Subscript didn't work in profile popup action
  • #3117 Popups windows overlapped, when one popup is called from another
  • #3118 Curl timeout was decreased
  • #3119 Profile info page could display incorrect data in submenu
  • #3130 External JS/CSS files wasn't loaded from HTTPS URL for secured sites
  • #3132 Typos
  • #3166 Missing translations
  • #3133 Categories and tags with spaced didn't display associated data
  • #3142 PHP Warnings in list_pop.php file could appear sometimes
  • #3150 Template files was incorrectly generated on particular server environment
  • #3152 Custom language wasn't applied in time picker control
  • #3158 New user notify for admin didn't work
  • #3159 CSS/JS cache could become broken sometimes
  • #3172 IE9 could crash on the form with non-latin characters
  • #3084 Profile Customizer: controls in themes block in admin panel didn't work
  • #3087 World Maps: location wasn't updated when user edited location related fields
  • #3088 Media modules: upload failed when url is restricted in Page Access Module
  • #3106 Media modules: double slash in album links
  • #3120 Media modules: flash embed code did't work locally
  • #3168 Media modules: admin couldn't play non-approved files
  • #3169 Media modules: tags cloud on module homepage didn't have limit of displayed tags
  • #3090 Forum: posts from private forum were visible in live tracker
  • #3091 Groups: many fans weren't manageable
  • #3092 Groups: fans actions didn't work when permalinks are off
  • #3093 Groups: broken paginate in fans block
  • #3095 Chat: apostrophes in name broke chat
  • #3097 ZIP search: google maps based geocoding didn't work
  • #3099 Timeline: content from non-active members was shown
  • #3121 Timeline: media posted to timeline wasn't viewable because of privacy
  • #3100 Facebook Connect: redirection to profile edit page didn't work
  • #3128 Payment: incorrect user info was displayed in history after user deletion
  • #3143 Payment: some associated content was left after profile deletetion
  • #3155 Flash: some unused files were deleted
  • #3167 Flash: old info in Chat and IM help section was removed
  • #3161 Avatar: set avatar didn't work sometimes
  • #3181 Avatar: non translated image title could appear
  • #3171 Blogs: membership checking in post view in mobile app was incorrect
  • #3174 Articles/News: 'page not found' wasn't shown for non-existing entries


Download Dolphin 7.1.2

Upgrade instructions - 7.1.1 to 7.1.2


Meanwhile, we are already working on our next "feature update" - 7.2, with some really useful and exciting improvements in works. Stay in touch and go get cracking with upgrading your communities!

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#3114 Nickname field was removed from profile edit page by default.
once inserted a Username in join , can no longer change ? but this is an ugly thing
create system , where admin choose for him site , to use username or realname.
I in my site I want to use only realname and instead are forced to choose to Usarname, and now I can not even make my users to choose when they want to change it
Nathan Paton
It says removed by default - it can be added back.
Has been upgraded successfully, thanks
Good work, thanks alot :-)
Update came in, just when I finished local update from 709 to 711,
so it's easy to go one step further now.
В админке версия в верхнем левом углу осталась 7.1 это так надо ? И кнопка смены дизайна внизу больше не исчезает если снять галочку в настройках Аllow users to choose templates. Где это можно поправить вручную ?
Сверху всегда пишется 7.1, но если версия устарела, то добавляется надпись, что нужно обновиться, еще текущую версию можно посмтотреть в Адмиской панели - Инструменты - Инструменты хостинга - Аудит.

Не могу воспроизвести проблему, кнопка из меню исчезает как положено.
Avast ругается на троян PHP:Agent-MN в BxDolProfileFields.php в архиве с патчем.
Это ложная тревога, мы уже написали в Avast по этому поводу.
just updated my test site, everything seems to work fine!
now its time to test all my modules against 7.1.2.

Thanks guys for your work!
Can i upgrade directly from 7.1.0 to 7.1.2? or do i need to go thru the 711 and then to 712? thanks