Dolphin 7.1.4 Beta

AlexT posted 23rd of July 2013 in News. 7 comments.

This small update fixes some bugs and adds some new interesting features.

Please test it carefully to not be disappointed with the release version.

IMPORTANT: this version is not suitable for production sites and there will be no upgrade packs for it.

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Live demo 


Reports bugs in Betas & RCs Forum.



Thank you for your reports and support!

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Good work and that auto update thing sounds awesome :D
Great, I think the automatic update check is a much needed function and am sure it will save both developers and website owners a lot of time. I just hope there are clear alerts for when an update is available.

I think Wordpress shows it clear, but noticed that not everyone checks those alerts and wonder if it should be something like Boonex does when the site is not registered yet.
There is periodic automatic check for new versions for 3rd-party modules, and if there are updates available, then email to admins is sent with information about it.
Are you going to include an website embed function to Public Pictures?
Photos module has download function, which provides link to the original photo, so this is the same as photo embed and can be used on other websites.
see moreYes, but what I mean is "Yes, it is Pinterest-inspired. Yes, a lot of sites do it right now. Yes, we're going to do it, too. " The layout is very impressive to say the least but when you click on any picture the emotion stops, there is no place to go. If you can modify the module so a website link could be place on the picture then you not only create more movement but also will help the webmasters in keeping up with Googles trends, ""
Sorry, but it is still not cleat what you mean, please make a post in forum, it would be easier to discuss it there, you can attach some images to make it clear.
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