Dolphin Pro 7.1.5 Released. Important Security Update!

Andrew Boon posted 18th of January 2015 in Boonex News. 10 comments.

Dolphin 7.1.5 (Final) is released and is available for download. This is a security update. We strongly recommend all Dolphin-powered sites to upgrade to 7.1.5 immediately. 


Download Dolphin Pro 7.1.5

Upgrade Instructions - from 7.1.4, and all steps before

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While this is just a service update, triggered by urgent security improvements, we still plan the next feature to be available in a few months. Since next feature update will bring a lot of new functionality, it may take a few alpha and beta releases before stable package is out. There will still be a direct upgrade script available for Dolphin Pro 7.1.5, so it is safe to launch your project now, based on 7.1.5.


Even more so, it is a good idea to start now, because we're offering a "Start The Year" promotion with a 20% discount on all licenses. Start now!

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Upgrade went fine, no issues.
after the update I can not upload video files, what could it be?
Please make sure that you uploaded the patch, not the full version, if you uploaded full version then ffmpeg binary may be overwritten. I would suggest to check if you are using the correct ffmpeg binary for your OS (by default ffmpeg for Linux is provided) and permissions are correct - you can recheck permissions here:
Admin panel > Tools > Host Tools > Permissions.

It shouldn't be related to the patch, this patch doesn't change anything related to video files uploading.

If you see more still have problems, please describe it in details in the forum:
I dont think my upgrade completely went through i replaced all the old files went to the upgrade directory and ran that link there and recieved the page showing all things in green as if it went fine but when i go back to the admin panel its still showing at the top upgrade from 7.4 to 7.5. If i go back to the upgrade directory i now see the message 7.1.4-7.1.5 "Update can not be applied". What could be the issue?
Thanks alot i cant believe i missed that silly me . Problem solved :-)
When I try an replace the Poll > Install > config.php file I get this error message despite the file having the same file permissions as the other module config files.

Command: STOR config.php
Response: 550 config.php: Permission denied
Error: Critical file transfer error
There are some posts in the forum where member have tried to upgrade and having issues that are traced back to them trying to upgrade with the full version. The reason is the post is about a security upgrade to Dolphin but the bold link that is first presented is to the full version of Dolphin. I recommend removing the link to the full version, if a person has not installed Dolphin then they will be grabbing the full version from the download links on the home page.
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