Dolphin Pro 7.1.6 Released. Important Service Update!

Andrew Boon posted 27th of May 2015 in News. 35 comments.

This is a highly recommended version that includes fixes for social sharing and YouTube video embeds.

Additionally, 7.1.6 closes a reported security vulnerability, making it an urgent “must have” update.


Upgrade Instructions - from 7.1.5, and all steps before


Download Dolphin Pro 7.1.6


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Nathan Paton
Guess it's time to send out the mass mail to customers. As always, we'll be upgrading sites at no charge from 7.1.5.
Hi, does the reported security vulnerability also affect earlier versions like 7.0.9?
Most probably yes, but we can't disclose any details, we can provide more info about the security issue some time later upon request only.
I highly recommend to update to the latest 7.1 version, since old versions can have other security issues.
Thanks AlexT. Will request for the security disclosure later. Can't upgrade at the moment cause current version has too many modifications.
I have custom work done that affects core files. So a simple upgrade is WAY out of the question. Do we know where the vulnerability lies?
If your custom work was done correctly, the developer noted the files changed, created backups of the files she/he changed, then this is not an issue. I have extensive custom changes to core files that I have done yet upgrading is not an issue because I know exactly what files were changed. I will note that I have seen experience developers here on Boonex that don't follow this simple practice because I have gone in behind them and not seeing the backup file on the server; it needs to be on the see more server so that anyone can see that a file has been changed from the original.

If you know what files have been changed, PM me and I will give you instructions on how to proceed with the upgrade.
Nathan Paton
There's only changes to these files:

* /flash/modules/global/inc/
* /inc/classes/BxDolTemplate.php
* /inc/classes/
* /templates/base/scripts/BxBaseIndexPageView.php
* /templates/base/scripts/BxBaseProfileView.php
* /templates/base/scripts/BxBaseSocialSharing.php

However, always make a full backup before upgrading.
Thanks Nathan, that will reduce my work a bit. :-)
Nathan Paton
EDIT: There's also (missed these):

* /modules/boonex/videos/classes/BxVideosPageView.php
* /modules/boonex/videos/classes/BxVideosSearch.php
* /modules/boonex/videos/classes/BxVideosUploader.php
Also, you can download upgrade patch - it contains changed files only.
Thank you all! I'll get mine updated then, fastidiously! So glad to know about the patch too! :)
Backup your site first of course; including the database, you don't want an oops to render your site bye bye.
Will do, Gigi. :)
Thank you!
Alex, in my case I have modified core files; which means I have to check the upgrade files against my files and add into the upgrade files my changes so when I run the upgrade script it includes my core changes. That is why it is nice to know which files are in the upgrade.
On the upgrade; it would be nice if Boonex could provide a list of changed files. Currently I have to check through all the directories to see what files have changed so I can know which files to check against my version of the file due to custom changes I have made to Dolphin.
Yes, I have understood everything wonderfully. many thanks
You can download upgrade patch - it contains changed files only.
OK, let me be more specific. When I apply an upgrade, I have to click on each directory/directories within directories to find which files have been changed so I can then compare my files to the upgrade patch files. Having a list of the changed files would be very nice as I would no longer have to click through each directory. However, I understand that Boonex is under no obligation to provide such a list.
see moreThis list is very easy to generate, using shell command, or view the list in some diff program, or there are some more ways:

I will open my favorite browser and type:
Provided only with real values.
What is the path to Dolphin ??????
see moreYes, this needs to be clarified. It depends on where Dolphin is installed on your server/cPanel. If the site is installed at the root of the server or at the root of the cPanel (often public_html), then you would point to http://your-domain.tld/upgrade. If your site is installed in a sub-directory from the root, then you have to include that sub-directory in the path. so if you have Dolphin in a sub-directory titled "my-dolphin-site, then you would point to http://your-domain.tld/my-dolphin-site/upgrade.
Yes, I have understood everything wonderfully. many thanks

Sometime other web owner make a front - Wordpress then add join now

Now ther dolphin path for join now there is in subdirectory

Sample :

However if you installed dolphin alone

Then its just :

if not then
If anyone uses Advanced Video Embed 3.0 or Deano Head Injections 2.0, check the install instructions for those mods.

modules/boonex/videos/BxVideosUploader.php (for Video);

/inc/classes/BxDolTemplate.php (for Deano)

require additional changes as documented in readme/install files.
Nathan Paton
Thanks for the mention, I actually missed those files from my initial post. Updated my old comment accordingly.
Profile Composer from AntonLV also has code changes in this one

If you're using Deano's Time Zone... it's in inc/
Update went smoothly on my end. Thanks!
After the update, do not remove any foreign patterns.
So this does not make any changes to the 715 database? If not then I only need the files that is updated. What is the url for download the upgrade patch?

Is it so hard add content? How to understand what is it for user who see it first time?
so in order to work with the new facebook api do you have to upgrade to 7.1.6
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