Dolphin.Pro 7.2 Released - Powerful, Beautiful, Mobile.

Andrew Boon posted 1st of September 2015 in News. 33 comments.

After two years of “service” updates and 6 months of feature development and testing, the new Dolphin.Pro 7.2 FINAL is released and is available for immediate download.

Download    Live Demo   License

Upgrade instructions from 7.2RC    Upgrade pack for 7.1.6 coming soon

What's New in Dolphin.Pro 7.2

This is a major feature-update. Dolphin.Pro now ships with a new mobile-friendly design template (EVO); support of "retina" content and interface images; new file-manager integration (Moxiemanager) ; Homepage Timeline; TinyMCE 4 and hundreds of other improvements. Business-savvy web-masters will appreciate support of recurring (subscription) payments, PayPal Pro and payments on Join Form. 

On the fun side, we now have an emoji-sporting Shoutbox that can be placed on any page, history in Chat, new homepage Splash, new Photo-Album previews with swipe, Profile Covers, photos cropping,  and Timeline with cool new updates look.


Site management is improved, with updated Admin Panel, improved Pages Builder, new anti-SPAM lists, easier module installation, better image resizing and admin action in user interface. 



User experience is refined in numerous use-cases, with new sign in modal, simplified join form, integration and awesome new HTML5 file uploaders



Dolphin.Pro is now faster, more stable and more secure. CSS/JS caching has been enhanced, all known security issues addressed and 162 reported bugs fixed


The list of most notable new features:

Updated Timeline on site Homepage 
- Responsive (mobile-friendly) layout
- Retina images support
- Special (full width) column in Pages Builder
- Profile page cover
- Moxiemanager for TinyMCE
- New HTML5-based files uploader
- Recurring/subscription payments
- Payments on Join Form
- HTML5 history API in Forum - no more links with hash (#) in the URL
- Unified loading indicator
- New confirmation popup
- New photo album cover
- New homepage splash
- Mobile reCaptcha
- New streamlined login/join form popup
- Admin actions in the user side
- Social sharing meta info
- TinyMCE 4 integration
- Shoutbox can be added almost anywhere now
- Emoji support in Shoutbox and Simple Messenger integration for autoconverting links
- Better images resizing with Intervention Image
- Photos cropping functionality
- Photos "set as avatar" action
- Version number is moved to the separate file for easier upgrades
- PayPalPro integration
- CSS/JS caching improvements - faster site loading 
- Module installation improvements - automatic permissions changing via FTP
- New DNSBL lists - more spammers filtered
Command line tool for Dolphin installation
- Fallback to the default (usually "en") if no translation found in other languages
- Photos module is used for avatars by default
- History in Chat
- Older than 14 days dates are converted to absolute dates instead of relative
- Comments count for blog snippets
- New Profile Timeline display effects



Download    Live Demo   License

Upgrade instructions from 7.2RC    Upgrade pack for 7.1.6 coming soon


If you are have a site powered by Dolphin.Pro 7.1.6 and want to update to 7.2, please wait a few more days for an upgrade pack and instructions. We are working on it right now and anticipate one "beta" before it's ready. We really appreciate your patience! It is out goal to help you update without any issues and we are taking time to prepare proper tools for it. 

If you are launching a new site, we strongly recommend using Dolphin.Pro 7.2 - the new stable version, which will be officially supported from now on. 

If you encounter any issues, please post to Bugs & Issues forum. If you have any technical difficulties and need help - ask in Technical Questions forum.


Note, that we are currently offering 7.2 Online Demo at the link. Our main Online Demo will be updated within a day or two. 

Stay tuned for further announcements about licensing, memberships, development schedule and 15th birthday of Boonex.

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How soon Upgrade pack for 7.1.6 will be available?
Andrew Boon
In a few days. We need to make sure it handles all the data with utmost respect. Better be safe than sorry.
I never upgraded to 7.1.6 I still have original dolphin Pro! Will i be able to upgrade today?
Andrew Boon
Today you can upgrade from 7.2RC or install a new site. What version are you running exactly?
I still have the original boonex 7.1.4
Andrew Boon
You will need to upgrade to 7.1.5, then 7.1.6 and finally 7.2.
Why can't I just download 2.0 and transfer fil
Nathan Paton
There's no migration script. You really should keep up-to-date, as the last two versions include security and fixes for issues like YouTube embeds.

You should start now on upgrading to 7.1.6 (first to 7.1.5). Then you'll be able to upgrade to 7.2. As always, make a backup before upgrading, even to a minor version.
Great news ! Thank you !
i am using 7.1.6 version,right now i am facing a problem of sound and video not uploading,can i get rid of this problems by updating to 7.2?
i think your problem is related to post_max_size. you need to go to host tools and check if your settings are ok.
162 bug fixes and a long list of new features; hats off to the development team for their hard work. It is appreciated.
Thank you so much! I do not wait when I can upgrade to 7.2.
Beautiful, just beautiful. Thanks for all the hard work Boonex!
Photos not uploading when using tablet or smartphone. Message: wrong file extension . I upload the same picture using my laptop, it work fine.
RE: integration for autoconverting links

OK, I got my embedly key and entered it in admin. Now what? I haven't really noticed anything special going on. Perhaps an explanation of how "embedly integration for autoconverting links" manifests itself on a Dolphin site, is in order.
I use it to make "cards."
Just for an example try to insert youtube link in the forum, it will be converted into youtube embed.
What happened, is the link appeared.... nothing else.

Are you sure this is working right? I've already pasted links from several sites, and have noticed nothing special happening.
OK... I paste a youtube link in a forum post, then I see only the link. I refresh the page, the embedded video appears. I navigate around a bit and come back to the forum post, and all I see is the link. I refresh the page and the embedded video appears again.

Not good behavior.
Bravo. Looking forward to the stable upgrade so I can play with the upgrades.

a few quick questions:
- regarding the new responsiveness, if we are using non-responsive 3rd party templates our sites will not be responsive. correct?

- what exactly is the "new confirmation popup" all about?

- I assume since they weren't mentioned, no upgrades to the functionality of the mobile apps was included in 7.2. correct?

thx in advance for a response and thx again for all the hard see more work bringing this about!!
> if we are using non-responsive 3rd party templates our sites will not be responsive. correct?
You are correct, If 3rd-party template isn't responsive, the site will not be responsive as well. If you want your site to be responsive you need to get responsive template.

> what exactly is the "new confirmation popup" all about?
We get rid of build-in into browser JS confirmation popup, instead we used custom popup for this purpose.

> I assume since they weren't mentioned, see more no upgrades to the functionality of the mobile apps was included in 7.2. correct?
You are correct. Mobile apps stays intact. However we are planning to update them later.
When will the upgrade pack for all of us using 7.1.6 be available? Seems like it should have been the one released first as I suspect it has the largest installed base. Give an estimate please.
When will the upgrade pack for all of us using 7.1.6 be available? Seems like it should have been the one released first as I suspect it has the largest installed base. Give an estimate please.
Waiting patiently for the upgrade pack... almost 2 weeks since you guys released 7.2. The lack of an updated post is frustrating - can someone define the Boonex time frame "coming soon" so we can somewhat plan our deployment/testing plans?
Andrew Boon
Sorry for delay. We are ver very close, but the differences introduced in 7.2 make it a little more challenging than usual to prepare an update pack. We will be launching a test-version later today or tomorrow, followed by a production version in a few days.

It is really really important to make it stable, see. Of all things we want your data to be preserved and transferred safely.
Still no update? We´re waiting hihi :)
It's been a long day of thumbs up catch ups.
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